AAP unifying all against divisive politics of BJP: Harsh Dev

Excelsior Correspondent

UDHAMPUR, Dec 24: Strongly condemning the politics of caste, religion and hatred being played by certain political parties with the sole objective of capturing power, Harsh Dev Singh (former minister and chairman AAP J&K State co-ordination committee) said that the saner elements in the society need to expose such divisive forces who are posing a big threat to our composite culture for achieving their vested political interests.
Harsh Dev said it is painful to see the political discourse sinking abysmally and moving away from the unifying narrative of founding fathers of the constitution to abject levels of distrust, hatred & bigotry. He maintained that the recent trends of dividing the electorates on the basis of caste color and creed for political motives can lead to a dangerous denouncement and need to be curbed by joint efforts of civil society as well as the public authorities including the ECI.
He said that people need to realize that politics of division being resorted to by the political parties which have failed to deliver and are hence using diversionary tactics to regain their lost ground by taking recourse to religion. Harsh Dev was addressing public meeting in village Bali of Chenani constituency today.
Accusing the BJP and various other parties of having relegated the economic issues including jobs, price rise unemployment etc to the background and playing the religious card to reap the crops of enmity, Singh said that these political parties pose the biggest threat to Indian polity.
He said against the divisive politics of these traditional parties, it is AAP alone that was endeavouring to bring the people of all hues and colors on one platform so as to ensure peace, progress and prosperity of one and all. He said with its secular character and agenda of economic growth and well being of common masses, AAP is gaining ground in every nook and corner of the country.