A welcome development

The elected Government Of BJP/PDP coalition was many times reminded by the then Governor N N Vohra for conducting the Municipal and Panchayat elections but every time the elected Government turned deaf years to this genuine suggestion. Now, the new Governor has taken the charge, and, on the ground something positive is going on. The Panchayat and Municipal elections have been declared along with the dates. Of late, the new Governor has also announced the group insurance policy for the Government / public sector employees and for others. This is really a welcome step as there is uncertainty of health in the present times. Nobody knows how, and when he will be seriously ill. Then there are very high charges of medicines/tests/operations etc. But if we remember that some years ago almost similar insurance schemes was framed for Government employees but grave loopholes erupted during its execution. It is hoped that the present policy will run smoothly. We expect some more decisions from the new governor for the benefit of the state subjects of Jammu and Kashmir.
M K Pandita
Talab Tillo