A way to stay fit

Ravinder Kumar
Running or jogging is a popular and attractive form of physical activity. The main difference between running and jogging is that of intensity.
The former is quicker, using more kilojoules, demanding more exertions from hearts, lungs and muscles while the latter is done in an easy way without much efforts. Furthermore, both are aerobic exercise signifying a physical activity that produces energy merging oxygen with blood glycose and body fat. Both the activities carry the same benefits but the results of running are fast. Both start with the legs toning the calves, shins, femurs, butts, liver, heart, head and what not. With the first cardiac exercise one can be in new lithe and lissom shape just in a year.
Let me tell you human bodies are shaped the way they are because of our lifestyle. Those who don’t run and live a deskbound life are prone to be bulky and disease-ridden. Running is a great way to get into shape. It is strongly linked with a number of benefits for our bodies and brains. Exercise is deemed as a miracle drug in existence. As a form of cardio exercise running is one of the coolest habits to get some of the important benefits of exercise since it improves aerobic fitness, cardiovascular health, burns calories, builds strength, enhances mood and beats stress.
It is the most popular form of exercise. It appeals much since it is very cost effective, almost injury free and keeps time at your convenience. Keeping in view its plethora of benefits, thousands of running events are organised year in and year out. Being a runner, you have a lot of opportunities to test yourself running in different events and see improvement. It offers lots of benefits for the nourishment of body, mind and soul. A runner enjoys life as it comes to him. He is more inclined to meet challenges and overcome them. At a time when people cheer sedentary life style, prefer fast food, unhealthy diet and succumb to obesity resulting into various diseases; a runner doesn’t live in comfort zone, eats healthy meal and relishes his health eventually.
He serves as the motivational guru for those who run after hospitals for the cure of ailments that could be avoided to house in the body, hence, a runner radiates energy vital into people to take care of the body.
The benefits accruing out of running are time tested, medically supported and game changer for the life.
Through running, the body gets big jerks from tip to toe which in turn provides relaxation to muscles, refreshes mind and rejuvenates complete physical structure. A runner is more physically flexible, healthier and fitter than the people who don’t practise running. Running also secretes endorphin making one happy and a live wire. Needless to say, when a person is in pink and happy from emotion side, how this life will be enjoyed. Once the body and the mind go to acclimatise for running, it is going to be idyllic and will provide a sense of freedom.
So what to wait for. Get your shoes and come out for running from this day itself.
(The author is Principal, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Doda (J&K)