A versatile companion


Out of a population of 120 crore Indians 90 crore have a mobile. It is an unprecedented revolution in the world of communication. Never before, almost everyone had such means of instant communication. Everyone means your maid servant, gardener, sweeper etc.. With just a touch on the mobile one can connect to his or her friend or relative anywhere on this earth and convey whatever is needed. Further you can also make a video call and watching each other talk, laugh or make faces! No doubt video calls have reduced the necessity of Skype, which takes much more time to start and function.
Mobile has the facility of taking pictures as also video pictures and instantly forward to anyone. It has internet, world maps, Google service, making files, all kind of music, calendar, calculator, Utube, play store, s -planer, voice recorder and playing it back, camera, e-mail, gallery where pictures are stored. Wi-Fi etc. F-M-Radio. On line placing orders and make on line payments. Net banking is also possible on the mobile. Acuweather and weather forecast can be seen through the mobile. Face-book , and Apps are other facilities available. Through these messages can be sent and contact can be made. However, all this becomes universal .This is a disadvantage. There are other disadvantages as well. For example it is not possible for a common person to know as to from where the call is being made. A husband who may be busy romancing with a woman other than his wife can deceive his wife by replying to his wife that he was in his office. Such deceptions are not common but do happen. In fact it is misuse of the mobile.
There is huge variety of mobiles. There is normal mobile besides which I-phone and smart phone etc. are also available. In wrist watch costs eighty thousand very small mobile is fitted that makes the watch itself to function as miniature mobile. Almost every day in print and social media advertisements appear for ever growing number of variety of mobile phones. They exhibit new applications that provide more facilities. There are rich buyers for new mobiles while discarding their old ones. The cost of some mobiles is as high as one hundred thousand and rupees and some as low as seven thousand. Some mobiles function by a simple touch but most of them work by pressing the keys.
Mobile technology is applied in remotes for operating televisions. Communication between the railway guard and the driver is done with the help of mobile. It is also applied in sending information and instructions to astronauts by ground engineers. The technology is applied for communication between the air craft pilot and ground station.
Currently in many establishments CCTV cameras are fitted in such a manner that the staff can be watched by the boss from any place no matter how far away he is. We can say that a mobile is a complete office and is capable of managing anything and everything from anywhere.
The history of mobile phone itself is interesting.
An employee of Motorola Martin Cooper invented the first hand held cell phone. On Aril 3, 1973 he made the first call from midtown ManHatton to head quarters of Bell Labs New Jersey. That in fact proved to be the start of an unimaginable era of a revolution in the instant contact.