A story of struggle

Dr. Rashpal Singh
Name of Book:- Sangharsh-Ek-Prerna (Analysis)
Name of author : Shiv Dev Singh “Tyagi”
Published by:-Amar Art Press & Highbrow publications Jammu
“Sangharsh-Ek-Prerna” is a valuable book written by an educationist namely Shiv Dev Singh “Tyagi’ Rtd Sr. Lecturer hailing from Tehsil Ramnagar Distt Udhampur. Born in the year 1957 at village Badhole and presently living at Ramnagar, he completed his MA History in 1990 from Jammu University and got M.Ed Degree from Himachal Pradesh University with distinction in the year 1995. He was appointed as a Govt. teacher in the year 1979, elevated as Lecturer in the year 2008 and then promoted as Sr. lecturer in Education in 2013. He served the Deptt. for almost four decades. During his services at different schools, he made remarkable contributions in the field of Education and also reformed Examination system. While posted at Middle School Kulwanta, he witnessed a very terrible accident of school going children which shook his conscience and consequently he established a social organisation named “Shiva Charitable Trust” in the year 1996 to help the poor and needy. The trust members time and again make generous donation/contributions to Prime Ministers relief fund provide financial aid to widows and orphan and promote educational cause by different means. The feeling of helping and supporting the masses especially poor and handicapped is so deepened in his heart and mind that he always loves to face all kinds of odds for the pleasure of others. He believes that “Service to Humanity is Service to God”.
After retirement, he turned to social activism and started serving other NGOs in various capacities. Shiv Dev “Tyagi” suitably applied his long experience for writing “Sangharsh-Ek-Prerna”. “Sangarsh” means hardwork and “Prerna” means a deep lesson. The book is beautifully designed. Nothing is possible in this world without hard work and it’s true for almost in every walk of life. Coming to the content of the book I have seen all aspects like providing space to the Rtd officers and writers, has taken a point of view from those who have tremendous experience & knowledge like Mahadeep Singh Jamwal Rtd SSP Presently President of Sr. Citizens Club Udhampur, Dr. Vishwa Murti Shastri Padmashree, Prof. Shiv Nirmohi Padmashree, Parkash Premi Sahitya Academy Award, National Awardee Thakur Dass Simithial, National Awardee Sagar Dev Singh, Ram Saroop State Awardee, Dogri writer Rekha Thakur and Ashok Sharma Sr. Lecturer English who is a renowned columnist and writer. These personalities are themselves live Encyclopaedias. Young generations can learn many things from their write-ups in the book.
This book covers the historical background of Ramnagar and how the old name Bandralata changed to Ramnagar. Ramnagar is a historical place having many places where one can spend his valuable time like Sheesh Mahal, Ramnagar Fort, Rani Ki Samadhi and historic chougan. Mr Tyagi has thrown light on the life history of freedom fighters like Jhansi Ki Rani, Shayeed Bhagat Singh, Incident of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre which reminds us the supreme sacrifices of our freedom fighters. He has also dedicated some pages to Kargil War and highlights how Indian soldiers fought bravely with enemy in very very tough situation. The book showcases the tourist places of Ramnagar like Dudu Valley , Basantgarh, Gandh Top, Kirchi, Shivgali, Seojdhar, Dalsar lake, RC peak and Tarmain which are endowed with unparalleled natural beauty and attract a large number of tourist. The writer highlights the pilgrimage places of Ramnagar like Narsingh Temple, Pingla Mata Shrine, Chountra Mata, Marada Mata, Aapshambhu temple Dalsar, Akshardham, Parshotamdham, Sheetla Mandir, Raine Nagdevta Temple which attract many devotees. People organise Langars at these holy places of Ramnagar.
The author has provided an overlook of Bandral Dynasty, Jamwal Dynasty and Chanotar Dynasty. Historical background of all three major dynasties will provide good literature not only for the readers but also for those Research Scholars of various Universities who are working in history. Book also summarises the scenario of political issues after independence. In totality, this has been found that book written by Shiv Dev Singh “Tyagi” is a great source of knowledge covering rich cultural heritage of Udhampur/Ramnagar. This book can be beneficial to readers, historians, scholars, youngesters and provides a good peep to other writers also. Writer Shiv Dev “Tyagi” deserves congratulation for such a nice piece of literary work. This book should be made be available in libraries and bookshops.
(The author is Sr Lecturer Diet Kud )