A revolutionary administrative decision

Governor Satya Pal Malik deserves accolades for deciding to have various irregularities and scams in Government departments and procedurally and transparently deficient instances of recruitment since the year 2010, duly investigated into .Unfortunately, while this state has, for decades together , been reeling under massive corruption and flawed policies with intent to reap gains and bestow favours by many authorities and politicians , there are many who treat Government employment as a means and a licence to indulge in corrupt practices to amass wealth and create assets. The push having virtually come to the level of a shove, the Governor has, as such, ordered for constituting of as many as five ‘Fact Finding Committees’ for undertaking investigations and inquiries.
It is not that all such activities which should, on the grounds of probity , integrity and procedural propriety, never take place but which in fact,are mostly done with proper planning and conspiracies to obfuscate surfacing in the domain of public gaze , remain confined to the four walls of such Departments and offices but people come to know who, along with honest and dedicated employees’ help , refer such cases to higher authorities and Governor’s Administration has been reportedly receiving them in “large number” which as a natural corollary, must be probed into and those responsible identified and duly punished. These Committees are tasked to look into instances of irregularities in appointments in JK Sports Council, in Skill Development, in other Departments as also in awarding dredging contracts, in awarding macadamization contracts and the reasons of lack of progress in implementation of State Wide Area Network (SWAN) Project.
We , at the outset, have reasons to pin hopes in the outcome of this decision primarily because of the element of timeframe having been kept in consideration as reports from such Committees are required to be submitted positively by June 14, 2019 or within one month unlike reports of various “Committees” which are constituted very often just for formality purposes rather than finding out the culpability and involvement of the officials in tandem with outside elements. There should, however, be no scope left for any leniency or buckling under pressure tactics of any nature in the entire process of investigations.
Not only have the concerned five Committees been constituted but who would head each of these Committees too, has been decided. Accordingly, these Committees will be headed by the Principal Secretary (Home), Commissioner Secretary Forests, Principal Secretary (H&UDD), Principal Secretary Finance and Principal Secretary (Transport) respectively and will be assisted by Secretaries and Commissioners associated with the concerned Departments , perhaps to ensure the finding to be pinpointed and comprehensive. We do not , however, understand as to why are the reins of the administration so much loose and haywire that the administration wakes up only when irregularities are committed and even they reach a stage of accumulating dust over them – that of time and public memory, absence of austere and strict audit and inspections and that also when complaints reach the echelons of the higher-ups , otherwise not, and everything is presumed to be normal and under rules.
Let the usual alibis of “on-going militancy” not be allowed to be taken as a logic for justification of wrong doings and thus protection and refuge sought thereunder as that plea is a camouflage of corrupt deeds . The bluff, in this respect, has to be called in order to set things right and to restore the confidence of the people in the system for which at least, Governor’s Administration must walk the talk and appear too to be doing so seriously. We shall revert to the subject only after June 14 to know about the probe finding followed by the action proposed by the Government against the guilty.