A Relief in Pain

After 72 days of mobile service blockade in Kashmir;the post paid mobile services have been restored by the centre which bring a new life to the people of kashmir.The uplifting of blockade on mobile services give the feeling of happiness;some were laughing out of anger;some were laughing out of love;some got the good news;others bad!this was the rollercaster of feelings among people.The ringing of the mobile phones brought either teary eyes or made their smile touch the ear lobes.
The countanances couldn’t reflect the joy of getting out of sufferings;they had.The students living outside Jammu and Kashmir were also affected due to the blockade and hadn’t heard from their family; friends and loved ones;not only that,they went through many things; completely disturbed facing financial crises; short of money ;fear and a sense of worry for their family;and much more. The uplifting of the blockade on mobile services gave a new hope to the students.They can speak their heart out while listening to their family;friends;and loved ones.The feeling of complete isolation;they had in past 72 days affected their peace of mind and their studies. Psychologically disturbed; some good as well as bad thoughts were popping their mind. At the end of the day;making their mind and heart ready for a new hope that if tomorrow or some other day,they could hear to their loved ones. As there was no source of recharging of mobile phones;it created chaos in the people of Jammu and Kashmir;and within the first hour of uplifting of the blockade on mobile services;the people started calling their friends residing outside Kashmir to recharge their mobile phones which were barred by their respective companies since august 5.
Arshia Noor