A noble initiative

This refers to the writeup ‘Food for Thought’ (DE,Sunday Magazine, Oct 25, 2015). It is a harsh fact that  millions of people across the world can’t afford two square meals a day and are forced to sleep on an empty stomach every night.A large no of people also die from hunger and hunger related diseases in India and abroad.  Many others are suffering from malnutrition and undernutrition. On the other hand, a vast quantity of food is allowed to be wasted in the lavish parties and functions hosted by rich and upper middle class people on eve of marriages, birthday parties,retirement functions etc.which if saved can feed a large no of hungry people and save them from being malnourished and starved to death.    The noble and unique initiative launched in Jaipur  by Annakshetra Foundation  to stop the wastage of food and preserve it to feed the hungry and the needy is commendable.   The members of the Foundation collect surplus food from weddings and social gatherings,restaurants,caterers and distribute it amongst the  people like labourers,rag pickers, etc who donot have enough resources to buy food to feet themselves.The fact that the Foundation has set up a 450-litre fridge in the city and that the food is distributed only after being certified eatable by the food experts proves that the members of the Foundation are quite cautious about the quality of food being served to the poor and the hungry.The Foundation has also pressed some vans in service to collect the food from weddings and houses.It is a noble idea and people from other cities and towns need to derive inspiration and join in implementing such programmers in their respective areas.While  it will ensure zero wastage of food,it will also help to feed the poor who can’t afford two square meals a day and change the way of their life.The people,in general, too should not throw their surplus food and ensure that the leftover food is consumed by a hungry person who has not eaten for days together.The government also ought to help such organisations by providing them financial and other support in  carrying out such noble mission in a successful manner to bridge the gap between the haves and the havenots.
Yours etc…..
Ashok Sharma,
Flat No4,
Housing Colony, Udhampur


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