A momentous decision

I lack words to comment upon the decisions taken by the Central Government regarding reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir State. It is just like a major surgical operation of a 70 years old chronic cancer patient. To mention here, many birds seem to have been killed by one stone of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
First, the most controversial provisions of Indian constitution including Article 370 and Article 35A which have been doing an irreparable loss to our state have been done away with one stroke. These articles are responsible for alienation and separation of our people from rest of the country. However, the most corrupt and selfish political leaders of the state had been reaping the benefits of these provisions by befooling the innocent people. As per these provisions, there was duel citizenship of our people and many Kashmiris used to understand and treat India as a foreign country. It also indicated that the Jammu and Kashmir state was a disputed territory and Pakistan used to exploit the Kashmiris by taking undue benefit of these provisions. In this way, these provisions did a significant harm to the state
Moreover, socio-economic and industrial backwardness of our state can also be attributed to these constitutional provisions. As per these a non state subject could neither purchase land, property nor could establish a trade or industrial unit in the state which in turn,led to industrial backwardness and unemployment in the State.
Secondly, the state of Jammu and Kashmir has been divided into two union territories namely” Jammu and Kashmir”and” Ladakh”, which is again a welcome act. This provision would facilitate effective and efficient administration of the state and control of terrorism. Besides, justice would be done to Jammu and Ladakh divisions of the state. It is a fact that Ladakh has been the worst sufferer of discrimination. Not even a degree college except a recent one was be given to this region. Now it is expected that there would be comprehensive development of all the three regions of the state after reorganization. Hence, all the people of Jammu and Kashmir state should appreciate and welcome the action taken by the Indian government and should cooperate with the Government in implementation of the new provisions.
O P Sharma
Bagnoti Nowshera