A journey to the Top

Abhishek Sharma
To win a competition among millions of participants we have to make suitable efforts, and this is the era of ‘survival of the fittest’. So, we always have to work on ourselves and try to be competent from every side. This comes through the ability to focus the mind. It is one of the most important abilities one should possess in today’s world of fast growth. But the problem faced by most of the people is that, they are unable to concentrate, their attention usually rambles, without being able to fix it on one subject for any reasonable period of time. Concentration leads a person to more effective and efficient workability. The ability to focus helps us to control our considerations, gain inner serenity, improving memory and the most important of all; to conserve energy.
A person loses concentration because of working more than the threshold. Our mind to work more effectively needs to be given rest and rejuvenated. Today, people are forgetting about the simple pleasures of life, which are very important to get concentration. Life is like a fast lane nowadays, where we are like cars and concentration is the fuel, but because of lack of this fuel people cannot compete with fast moving things, and get baffled on small things. One of the factors to success is smart work which needs fast work, which can only be achieved with a good concentration power.
The best thing about concentration is that, it is a quality which can be achieved at any time. Concentration is like a fire which is to be kindled, and not a vessel to be filled. There are many ways to get concentration power. Firstly, the person should consider what is to be concentrated on, as with a specific aim things gets crystal clear and easier to handle. Secondly, a person should watch other people to seek experience, as if we practically go to see a good action movie, in the middle of it, if we look around at the people in the theatre. Their eyes are barely blinking, they are absolutely still and their breath is slower. It would take a really major distraction to break the stream of their attention.
These physical signs give us a hint about ways to increase our own concentration abilities. Thirdly, the person should keep away from constant sensuous inputs, in simple words he should avoid multitasking in the beginning, as it makes concentration much more difficult, initially he should focus on a particular task and then gradually go for multitasking. Person should not let anything distract him. Fourthly, the person should stay calm as this helps in saving our internal energy and then applying it to something fruitful. The more of this kind of energy a person has, the better he performs. Scattered energy doesn’t give a lot of efficiency and thus it must be calm, focused energy. The person should never forget to take breaks, and should never be away from the simple pleasures of life, which work as catalyst in the process of increasing concentration
The fact is that opportunity never seeks us; we should seek it through our power of concentration. As Swami Vivekananda has rightly said “the power of concentration is the only key to treasure house of knowledge.” Life of youngsters is full of stress these days, and usually the new generation lives totally in a new dimension. They have their own concept of life, which sometimes does not matchup with the older generations. Then at this very point arises conflict and criticism.
We should also know the art of taking the criticism calmly and positively. Now the question arises what does the word criticism actually mean? It usually occurs when someone acts as a critic and tries to analyze and judge our work and then tries to find mistakes and faults on the basis of their mental approach.
Sometimes people deliberately criticize in order to demoralise one’s confidence. Whatever might be the cause for criticism one must act strong and should be wise enough to introspect where he or she stands wrong. One should have capability to judge himself and act accordingly rather than considering someone else’s opinion. Whatever might be the mindset of the person who is criticizing one should consider it as a challenge and do the thing with best of his ability. It is said that a person carries the entire Universe within oneself, it’s just that we are our selves not aware of our own capability and potential. When someone criticizes us, we might find it in insulting, it might hurt us but insult also enhances our determination, it depends on us how we take it. It is entirely the perspective of the individual that whether we want to play harder after criticism on leave the game. Criticism makes us to introspect ourselves and this further leads to improvement. Criticism is a thing which helps you to amend your approach. Sometimes it hits our self esteem and ignites fire in our bones to prove our worth. It is analogus to the way like we fill air in a basket ball; this air makes the ball hard as a result when the ball hits the surface of the court its rebound is much higher than that before.
It is completely on the individual whether he or she wasnts to make his or her life miserable by thinking the negative aspects or take it as a challenge and with introspection and positive mindset can make things better. Criticism is that sharpener that sharpens determination of an individual and makes it sharp enough to pierce any barrier, with a positive attitude we can turn criticism into appreciation and win hearts. As someone has rightly said, “criticism is an indirect form of self boosting”. It’s us and our heart that has the capability to either take it as a challenge or feel depressed.
If we want to enhance our workability and not only run in the race of fast growth but excel it, we will definitely have to work on these aspects and be optimistic always, it will surely give magical results. Although it is a slow and not a very easy process, but we should always remember that the results are also life changing. If the input here is big, then at the same time output is twice its size.