A Great Loss

Former External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj,can be termed as a great seasoned lady politician who served people wholeheartedly throughout her political career and made place in the hearts of the people. She played an important role for the upliftment and empowerment of women and always felt proud while seeing their achievements in all walks of life.She was very upright,straight forward,soft spoken and best orator who as a Foreign Affairs Minister always played very important role in projecting her country’s role at international levels and always maintained the highest standards of statesmanship.Mr Singh described and rated her among towering women political leaders after Prime Minister Madam Indra Gandhi who had remarkable achievements in the political field of India. The void created due her passing away cannot be filled in the near future.
Narinder Singh
Director Information (Retd)



Refer news item ‘Sushma Swaraj passes away’ DE Aug 7, 2019.
In the death of Sushma Swaraj,India has lost a great leader with remarkable qualities of head and heart. Throughout her political career, she has remained far from any controversy, and has earned appreciation both from foes and friends equally. While handling the important Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ahe gave it a humane touch by redressing the issues of people personally. Besides, as a foreign minister she pleaded the cause of the country forcefully at UN, and with the world leaders. She was lauded for speech at UN where she exposed Pakistan for her involvement in terrorism.
Her popularity can be gauged from the fact that leaders cutting party lives paid a tearful tribute to her. Every leaders praised her role as an opposition leader or a minister. India will miss her forever.
Sanjay Sharma
Gandhi Nagar, Jammu