A fair deal for KPs

The newly formed PDP-BJP Govt in the State has initiated the rehabilitation process. The surrundered militants have been given priority, while political prisoners are being freed. The previous Govt of NC-Congress also rehabilitated a number of militants . We shall only appeal about the permanent return and rehabilitation of KPs to their mother land, the vale of Kashmir. The Pandits are aborigines of Kashmir with a rich educational and cultural background.
The popular Govt in 1989-90 (18th January) failed to shoulder its responsibility. This resulted in mass exodus of KPs. We cannot blame  Pakistan, militants and Hurriyat only for this mass-exodus. But  the then popular Govt is also responsible for this exodus. The failure of ”executive” caused lawlessness and anarchy in the Valley. They were left to the mercy of God and lost goodwill of the majority community. Mufti Govt must therefore include the honourable return and rehabilitation of KPs to the Valley in the aims and objectives of its Govt which it intends to achieve during course of its term.
The Mufti has promised to encourage the normal form of ”polity” which aims at serving the entire population”. It also aims of equality and not the idea of providing special privileges to a particular class. In the real sense the rule of law is key to achieve the desired goals. These must be achieved by  persuation rather than force.
The Pandits pin high hopes  on the present dispensation. The Chief Minister is an experienced and senior most politician and a good administrator. Understands fully the pain and agony of the exiled life and that too for nearly three decades now. He values the worth of the community for rebuilding the vale of Kashmir. We expect a fair deal from him!
Yours etc…
P L Koul (Badgami)


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