A due farewell or a deserved suspension?


Usually, the day of attaining superannuation by a Government employee especially holding a responsible position is, for quite some time, ”now” celebrated for having concluded all normally with the hope to spend rest of the life peacefully and leisurely. If someone with a mistaken belief that a decision or an action supposed to be not taken as being against the accepted and set norms, thinks that on the consideration that one was to retire very shortly, one could go scot free on emotional grounds, cannot be everyone’s cake. A case about a Chief Education Officer (CEO) is unfortunately worth noting while the action of the Deputy Commissioner deserves to be encouraged in placing under suspension the officer concerned on his last day of duty in office. This has been done for issuing orders of transfer of teachers, a most sought after desire of most of the employees to be posted at their places of choice and convenience than that of the administration, for which he had no authority. More so, when such orders were issued in a hush- hush manner. Just like an analogy can be drawn with casting of slab on an unauthorised building is construed as immune to demolition or other action by the Municipal Authorities, perhaps in the same way, some employees ”about to get retired” fiddling with established rules and doing hanky -panky under the impression of having reached superannuation thinking to get scot free, may not always happen. The dates of some transfer orders being the ones when the Officer concerned was on leave further create more suspicion.