A Combination of hard-hitting realities and possibilities

Ashok Gupta
The latest book from a military writer, Colonel Ajay K Raina, SM, is a fast paced, thrilling and an un-putdownable work that hinges around the events prior to and post abrogation of Article 370. A combination of hard-hitting realities, plausible probabilities and distinct possibilities, this is a contemporary work that travels along the thin, invisible line that separates a fiction from the reality. Written in a simple, readable language, the work possesses a strong grip through an ingenious narrative.
Written soon after the abrogation of the contentious Articles 35A and 370, the book includes many events that actually happened after the passage of the bill by Indian Parliament. Given the fact that post writing processing and publication work does consume more than a quarter of an year, the book does contain many prophecies that have actually already come true.
Around halfway through the book, follows the crystal gazing part wherein the author leads the readers to the days yet to appear on our calendars. And this part is what needs to be read and understood with a slightly longer perspective. If the future events do roll out as predicted, even with a time differential and in a diverse sequence, the book shall then be quoted as the prophecy of the century. One can’t help but get reminded of 1981 work, The Eyes of Darkness, while reading about the possibilities though two works are not really connected. It is a ‘feel good’ book about an issue that has international ramifications.
The book also, in a subtle way, recognises the hard work being put in by many unseen, unknown and unsung women and men who have nothing but their nation as their priority number one!
The hardcover bound 230-odd pages have a feel of richness and lavish approach to the process of creation of the book. Highly recommended for everyone connected or affected- both remotely and momentously- by the events of August 2019. An equally interesting read for anyone who may like to have a unique peep into the affairs of two countries that have fought over the territory of J&K on more than one occasion.
(Available only at Amazon.in as of now, the book has been written by an Army veteran who has six published and in his portfolio)