A collection of Dogri stories

Rajeshwer Singh ‘Raju’
Book Name : RANGKAAR
Author : Jagdeep Dubey
Pages : 121
Cost : Rs 300
Publisher: Rachnakar Kala Sahitya
Academy, Udhampur (J&K)
Jagdeep Dubey is a prominent Dogri playwright and short story writer enamouring the literature lovers for so many years now. He is a well known name in Radio plays having more than 100 plays being broadcast from AIR Jammu. He has also written more than 35 theatre plays with majority of these having been staged by different Theatre Groups in different theatre festivals. As far as published work is concerned, he has 06 books to his credit that include 3 short stories collections, 02 books on Theatre plays namely GALOOR, DANGAR and a collection of poetry also. These are all in his mother tongue Dogri. Like all other thinkers, he is also much concerned about the future of mother tongue Dogri. Although regular publication of books is an encouraging sign but lack of readership is always a concern.
About dearth of readers for Dogri Literature, Dubey is of the opinion that ironically, with the increase in writers the numbers of readers is decreasing which is an alarming sign. writers seem reading the creative works of fellow writers. Although, here a question also arises that whether the literature lovers also do read in real terms or just place the complementary copy of the books presented by the writers in their bookshelves just to show off for having a tag of readers too. Is the Library maintained at home merely a status symbol?
About Book
‘RANGKAAR’ is Jagdeep Dubey’s third short stories collection after much acclaimed ‘SANCTION’ & ‘NAKHASMMI JAMEEN’. The book carries 12 short stories which are unique in theme and have been woven beautifully with all essence of storytelling.
First story of book ‘Bhala Ki’ revolves around the insecurity for Girl Child and is presented with all sensitivity and innocence of girl child hailing from a remotest area. The story is thought provoking and compels the readers to think about their accountability in building up an ideal society, free from the grip of fear psychosis that poses all sorts of worries to parents whose daughters are grown up and are living at distant places in man dominated society.
‘AGLA SAFAR’ is the story of hope that gives positive waves for the discarded parents. Their sufferings need a positive end which is duly given in the story also. The need of the hour is to think of own life as well and live it comfortably thus leaving aside what the others will analyze about you. The fact remains that Life has to move on despite all sort of hardships. Shivo and Saro seem familiar characters but they are a bit matured to take a leap towards right direction when their kids are not caring ones. Such a step will guarantee life in real terms.
‘SATTI’ is the story of a suffering young female who is being subjected to hardships of life after being married at an early age. When her husband, a drunkard goes out of station for work, she has to work as maid in others’ houses to run family. On a fateful day, her husband dies and she has to attend final rites of her husband but the ladies where she used to work to earn livelihood wait anxiously for her as their life has been paralyzed with her absence.
The remaining stories of the book PURNE, MAU, CHARU, KRUTCH, DHYAEKU, MADARI, FAJLAN and SYANPU are also thought provoking and amuse the readers while giving a significant message thus inspiring them to live a meaningful life.
‘RANKGKAAR’, the last story of the book about a painter Deepak is the story of all artists who are suffering for being creative persons. The art which is commercialized is not an art at all because the artist can depict better what is being conceived from within. Jagdeep’s stories have something different from other writers as he knows the art of knitting the stories around such characters which are unique in their nature. In preface of the book, Darshan Darshi an eminent Dogri writer has rightly said that Dubey has the potential of penning down stories on such characters which are exceptional and are enlivened with the magic of his words.
The cover page of the book dedicated to one of the finest short stories of the book_ ‘RANGKAAR’ is quite symbolic and attractive. The presentation of book is good and is priced at Rs 300 only. The readers who wish to enjoy reading good stories interwoven with the beautiful and sweet language Dogri should read it to enrich their vocabulary of the mother tongue also.
The book is published by Rachnakar Kala Sahitya Academy, Udhampur and printed at Raplica Press Private Limited, Delhi. Jagdeep Dubey has dedicated this book to his elder brother late Pradeep Dubey. The book is a welcome addition to rich Dogri Literature.