A Bus Stand that Isn’t!

Catering the commuters of Jammu, is a bus stand (as they call it) shabbily on display in the premises of the city. Watch for your steps, and keep your eyes open, any bus can take you anywhere!
Whilst you will be busy exploring a little corridor that leads to the buses heavily crowded with barber shops, fruit thelas, and a rush of travel agents yelling at the peak of their voices, trying hard to grab few eyeballs already awestruck as to what makes this place of much ‘importance’ in utter shambles, your nose shall not find a chance to breath as the place literally stinks like a dumping station. As there is no government authority to take your grievances into account, it won’t make a difference if they even would be. Forget about the suggestion boxes kept for instance!
Located on B.C Road, Jammu it is unclear if it’s a one-stop destination for travelers dreaming of wanderlust. Definitely, a must go for those who expect dinginess to derive new definition. Not shaming any authority, or individual but the venue definitely is outstanding in its own explanation; pathetic.  Well, it succeeds in providing boarding facilities for urgent commuters as simultaneous queues of buses takes up the road choking the city traffic efficiently. Want information for your bus? Try locating the counter in the midst of vegetable sellers, chain-smokers and completely uninterested individual who is sure to take few of your minutes of your life to actually understand what your query is. Its like we are asking what NASA’s next expedition is going to be about!
Blame game is bound to begin. With traders and businessmen trying hard not to get the bus stand shifted to outskirts as it graces the heart of city, it is suggested that turning a blind eye to the scenario is obviously not an appreciable move. Such landmarks portrays city in bad light. The land of temples definitely needs none other than a commendable job done; it requires a bus stand, I mean, a real one.
Yours etc…
Yetesh Sharma
IIMC Jammu


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