900 Kanals of State land retrieved

Can it be believed that with the active connivance of the officials of the State Revenue Department, State land had been “converted” into private land by fudging and forging records and inserting false entries. It is in respect of 900 kanals of such land at Revenue village Logate in tehsil and district Kathua. However, district administration Kathua has arranged for expunging of such entries and has retrieved this land.
Who manipulated the revenue records which amounts to nothing less than attempting to thieving, remains to be seen. However, the detection would have not taken place had the Draft Award under preparation after completion of the land acquisition proceedings not initiated in January last year and during thorough perusal of the revenue record by the Kathua district administration, it was found that the land in question was recorded as State land.
Such detections and subsequent retrievals by the State officials of whatever position and rank should be met with due encouragement and appreciations by the Government authorities. Such instances could be many and that is why we very often express the view that a thorough transformation and permutation should take place in the State Revenue Department, to start with, digitalising it in the right earnest.