84 candidates still waiting for orders as Asstt Profs in Higher Education

Recruitment process started in 2017

Avtar Bhat

JAMMU, Dec 5: About 84 candidates who were selected by J&K Public Service Commission (PSC) as Assistant Professors in Higher Education Department are running from pillar to post for issuance of orders since 2017 for no fault of theirs.
Despite the fact that the PSC has cleared these candidates for selection as Assistant Professors in Higher Education Department in the month of September this year and forwarded their cases to concerned Administrative Department for issuance of orders, their orders have not been issued till date.
According to aggrieved candidates, the advertisement for filling up of various posts of Assistant Professors in Higher Education Department were issued in October 2017 vide Notification Number 10 PSC (DR-P) of 2017 in 50 disciplines. The PSC made maximum selections over the years while 84 candidates are still waiting for issuance of orders despite being selected by the PSC through a due process. The selected candidates are getting pay and other emoluments but the other candidates in four to five disciplines whose selection was delayed due to reorganization of the State into UT have not been given the appointment orders till date despite the fact that the selection process in their favour has also been completed by PSC now.
The candidates said that the selection list of Assistant Professors in English was notified by JKPSC vide Notification Number 31-PSC(DR-S) of 2021 dated 6-08 -2021 and same was forwarded to Higher Education Department for issuance of appointment orders.
They said by virtue of Government order issued on June 21 this year by GAD in respect of verification of character and antecedents of the new appointees, the Administrative Department of Higher Education approached the CID for verification in first week of September this year.
They said as per Government Order, the CID was supposed to complete the verification of the character and antecedents of the selected candidates and forward the same to the concerned Department within a period of one month from the date of receipt of list of selected candidates. As per the Government directives in case, the CID needs more time in completion of verification etc it can take another one month in forwarding the complete cases. However, the entire period of verification should not be more than two months under any circumstances, the order read.
The candidates said that CID has not completed the verification of all cases till date and the verification report from the agency in favour of some candidates is still awaited. Moreover, the Administrative Department has also failed to issue the appointment orders in favour of those candidates whose verification has been already completed by the CID and report was submitted to the Administrative Department.
The delaying tactics by the authorities has added to mental agony and worries of the selected candidates who have made an appeal to Government to look into their problem and direct the concerned Department to issue orders of selected candidates without further delay.
Chairman, PSC, B R Sharma told Excelsior that they have cleared the list and sent it to Administrative Department for issuance of orders in the month of September this year. He said “we had given five days time to candidates in submitting their representation if any one had any objection while releasing provisional list. There is no old list pending with us as PSC has cleared all the lists already”, he added.
Rakesh Badyal, Additional Secretary, Higher Education said that the list was sent to CID for verification as per the GAD directives. The verification in favour of maximum candidates has been made by CID while there are few candidates whose verification is still awaited. “The Department has also given the reminders to CID to send the verification report of remaining candidates too and we are hopeful it will come within days. As soon as the verification is submitted by CID, the Department will not lose even a single minute in issuing the appointment orders”, he added.