8 years of development

Raman Suri
Prime Minister Narendra Modi completed his eighth year in office this month. Being the only non-Congress PM to carry forward his second consecutive term, he not only gave India a new direction but also strengthened it in all aspects, be it defence, foreign affairs, development, alleviation of lives of poor by giving them homes and toilets, or inculcating a habit of keeping India clean amongst fellow citizens by picking up a broom himself to set an example and making the rest follow.
He, in fact, treated the entire country as his home and did whatever any sane person can do to make his place safe, comfortable, clean and equipped with the required basic amenities like house, tapped water and electricity. If anyone could recollect his first speech made from the ramparts of Red Fort, he had categorically said that certain uncomfortable decisions will be taken to weed out corruption, and those having stashed black money must treat it like papers and anyone making attempts to demean or damage India should be prepared to face retaliation. And he has been keeping his words.
Demonetisation shocked the black marketers, use of electronic money nailed the corrupt, attempts by Pakistan to continue its proxy war was met with one spine breaking surgical strike, China’s march into Indian territories was halted, free hand was given to Indian soldiers to weed militants out and Article 370 was abrogated to bring an end to the dynastic rule. With his oratory skills, able administration and respect for party workers, PM Modi made BJP the largest political outfit in the entire world. Such is the power of this one man army, credit for which he humbly gave to 130 crore Indian and his colleagues.
The 15th Prime Minister of India took over the reins of the country at a time when people were living with corruption and were feeling alienated, dynasts were looting state exchequers, anti-national elements had penetrated deep into the Indian system, we as a nation had increased our dependency on foreign goods and companies, brain-drain was leaving us bankrupt and development was going on at a pace wherein matching it with the rest of the world had almost become impossible. Then, the nation saw the emergence of Narendra Modi (NaMo), who till date is relentlessly proving critics wrong and winning the hearts of people across the globe with his most transparent policies.
In a nation where its Prime Minister like Rajiv Gandhi had made people reconcile to the fact that only one-tenth of central grant reaches the poor, NaMo proved him wrong by depositing money directly into the accounts of the deserving lot. This was a move that was never conceived earlier, when middle men were having a free run. He not only left them redundant but also encouraged India’s poor and deserving to open bank accounts and get their due share into their accounts, directly.
Poor show by Congress governments had disheartened the Indians to such an extent that anti-nationals had started having a free run, country had become safe haven for money launderers, illegal refugees from multiple nations had started living here with a matter of right and our own leaders and policy makers had almost surrendered before enemy nations and started projecting their plans as larger than our defence. NaMo not only reversed all this but also made Indians feel proud of their nation. Today, each and every Indian anywhere on this planet can be seen walking with his head held high only because Modi has ensured a transparent and vibrant system that is proactive in nature.
At a time when Sri Lanka and Pakistan like countries have either failed or are on the threshold of failing, India is emerging as a strong Asian country in the world. Those dynasts or anti-Indians (read Tukde Tukde Gang), who had projected Article 370 as an irrevocable piece of legislation, were proved wrong when with just one signature, a debate in both houses of the Parliament and final seal of President, it was abrogated to extend hundreds of central laws to J&K, give women their rights, grant 1947 refugees a respectable citizen status and make the deprived lot permanent residents of J&K along with voting rights.
Ladakh was a region that was demanding divisional status but NaMo, sensing their tough geographical features, political deprivation and sheer discrimination meted with its people by the dynasts, granted it Union Territory status and to ensure its progress, also sanctioned a mega stadium, university and colleges so that students don’t have to face hardships by relocating to other states of the country. J&K, that was virtually surrendered before a chosen few politicians and separatists leaders, is today governed by the three-tier system of governance wherein commoners, who were having no access to corridors of power, are calling shots and are part of the decision-making bodies.
India under NaMo not only faced the deadly coronavirus pandemic and brought out vaccines for the world but is also dealing with war in Ukraine in the most balanced manner by not annoying its long time strategic partner Russia. This is the vision of our Prime Minister who didn’t succumb before any world pressure and unlike Congress, never gave an inch of our land to any aggression by China or Pakistan. Today, India is recognised as an important ally by every nation and they even look towards us for multiple roles in the fields of environment protection or ensuring peace in the world.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi weaved all the states together by introducing the “one nation, one tax” that is the Goods and Services Tax (GST) that opened doors to the outer world for business with ease. The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code corrected the banking ailment, while the free distribution of around 8 crore LPG cylinders brought millions of families out of the mess, enabling women to use clean energy and lead a healthy life.
On the political front, Narendra Modi is giving his biggest opponent Congress a run. Be it Panchayat elections, Local body polls, Assembly or Parliamentary elections, BJP is making the Congress and its allies to chase it but gain nothing. BJP today has become a wave that is sweeping the elections and winning people’s hearts across the world. The party, without any emotional blackmailing by projecting anyone as Chacha or Father or Children’s favourite, is banking upon just its developmental works and credentials.
While the nation is preparing for 5G internet speed, its space programme under the able leadership of Dr Jitendra Singh Minister in PMO is touching new heights and preparing for Mission Moon. It is India of the 21st century that, with the power of Twitter, was so responsive that Indian expatriates in distress around the globe were rescued and brought home safely. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent statement that he did not spare any effort in serving the country and did not indulge in anything that would make the people of the country hang their heads in shame, goes a long way in mocking the Congress which is full of muck and corrupt minds. This is the reason that Modi’s emergence made Congress’ ship sink, only to see its stalwarts deserting it randomly.
Those who are questioning Modi’s eight years and instead of setting their own house in order, are coming out with leaflets, must know that the number of universities during Modi regime swelled from 720 to 1043, IIMs increased from 13 to 20, IITs from 16 to 23, AIIMS from 7 to 22 and medical colleges from 387 to 606. Over 10 crore toilets, 9 crore gas connections, 2 crore homes for the poor, 45 crore accounts of Jan Dhan, 7 crore tapped water connections, nearly 18 crore Ayushman cards as health insurance scheme, not only made India realise that it is progressing but is also taking everyone along.
Sensing the after effect of COVID-19 pandemic, the Union Government is till date providing free food grains to the poor and the scheme stands extended for them to meet the challenges. Today, when Make in India is exporting defence equipments, 14 Indian startups have become unicorns, free vaccination programme is going on and laws like Citizenship Amendment Act and Criminalisation of Triple Talaq or proposed Uniform Civil Code are making India abide by a uniform code of living, some are rattling their grudges through unproductive talks and linking them with religion or region. The world is watching and so are the people of the nation, who have already made up their minds to see India as one strong nation of Modi and not a divided nation of Nehru.
Seeing Ram temple come up in Ayodhya is a proud moment for Hindus and the Indians in particular. Having brought Indian railways out of the mess and giving nation high speed trains, NaMo is unstoppable and is building power projects, rails, roads, bridges and tunnels in a time bound manner to connect the entire country. Rs. 3062.60 cr to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, highest ever allocations in the history of India, are producing international sportspersons and those who questioned Prime Minister’s Care Funds must also know how the same are being utilised for education of COVID-19 affected children.
It was Prime Minister Narendra Modi who addressed the nation from Red Fort on the 400th Parkash Purab of Sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur and also released a commemorative coin and postage stamp on the occasion. He showed reverence to Sikh Gurus, met several prominent Sikhs and also visited Gurdwara Rakab Ganj Sahib in Delhi to pay tributes to Guru Tegh Bahadur for his supreme sacrifice and earlier announced December 26 as ‘Veer Baal Diwas’ as a tribute to the courage of four Sahibzades, Guru Gobind Singh’s sons. NaMo was magnanimous enough to withdraw the controversial farm laws on Gurpurab, and also evacuated the Afghan Sikhs and Hindus during COVID-19 as well as during the fall of the Afghanistan government.
The list of reforms and development under the Narendra Modi regime is endless but it is quite a fact that India has today been turned into a strategic power in the world. Though his critics are welcome to nail the government on its wrongs if any, they still are required to see how India is emerging as a superpower under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s able leadership and vision.
(The writer is Bharatiya Janata Party J&K Executive Member)