74 pc of Bangladeshis think that Chinese govt is repressive towards Uighurs: Survey

Dhaka [Bangladesh], October 23: As many as 74 percent of Bangladeshi citizens think that the Chinese government is repressive towards Uyghur Muslims while 24 per cent think that they are being persecuted just because of their religious identity, according to a survey.
This survey was released by the Center for Genocide Studies of Dhaka University this month. The opinions of 5,200 Bangladeshi people were taken in a survey titled ‘National Image of China’ in Bangladesh.
This negative outlook of the Chinese government came out in a survey about Bangladesh-China relations that scrutinized various aspects of diplomatic relations.
People from 32 districts, 8 divisional cities and 12 metropolitan cities of Bangladesh participated in the survey. Among them, 66 per cent were men and 34 per cent were women.
According to survey data, 21 per cent of people in Bangladesh do not know anything about Uyghur Muslims. And only 2 per cent think it is false propaganda by the West 15 per cent think it is mainly China’s internal matter. 10 per cent of people think that a united society is being created there.
Li Ziming, the Chinese ambassador assigned to Dhaka, said that the western media is spreading false propaganda about Uyghur Muslims because the Chinese government does not favor any particular religion or caste.
He also said that not only Muslims live in China’s Uyghurs. “There are Muslims living in other parts of China, but there is no question about those Muslims.” He also commented that only Uyghur Muslims are being purposefully misled.
Imtiaz Ahmed, professor of the international relations department of Dhaka University and director of Center for Genocide Studies, said that this survey was done to know what the common people of Bangladesh think about China.
China’s Xinjiang province is home to 1.2 million Uyghur Muslims. International human rights organizations have been complaining that various types of oppression are being carried out on these Muslims.
Even several human rights organizations have flagged serious human rights violations in Xinjiang. However, China has continued to deny such allegations. (Agencies)