7 Most used Instagram marketing tools for better Engagement

Instagram is a platform that has everything. You can post photos, make short videos, chat with friends, follow all the latest trends and now you can even use it for marketing purposes. You will find so many small and medium fashion houses, clothing brands, stationary brands and even fitness clubs on Instagram. These brands aim to increase their customer base using social media.

You will find plenty of online Instagram marketing tools that will help you to increase engagement of your Instagram account. But choosing the best one requires some work. You can research some of the tools and decide on the basis of effectiveness and efficiency. What exactly do these tools do? How do they do it? Obviously, these questions will pop in your mind.

Basically, these tools use metrics and analytics and give you some mind blowing suggestions to improve your Instagram account. Along with it they also make some voluntary changes once you give them the permission. Do you know the main objective of these marketing tools is to enhance the visibility of your account so that more people come and spend time there.

Let us Straightaway Jump to the 7 most used Instagram marketing tools:

1.   Combin Growth

Combin Growth is the best overall marketing tool for Instagram. This platform gives you the chance to grow your account organically. It gives you suggestions about improving your account to gain more Instagram followers.  With the help of machine learning it gives you plenty of data about:

  • The followers that have left.
  • New followers
  • Hashtags in trends etc.

If someone has multiple accounts, then also with Combine Growth you can manage them easily. So, this is the best tool to enhance the Instagram handle without much effort.

2.   HubSpot Ads Software

You can easily guess by the name that this tool helps you to manage the ads that are put on Instagram. Ads target a specific segment and with the right strategy you can make the best ads to capture more people.

The HubSpot Ads software is the perfect marketing tool if you like to put Ads to increase engagement of your instagram account. This tool offers:

  • Easy interface to generate ads
  • Lead Tracking
  • Targeting audience
  • Automation, retargeting for more returns.

3.   Tailwind

Tailwind is like a smart Instagram assistant that will assist you in making some jaw dropping posts. These posts will make every person stop for a second and admire it. You will surely get more likes and comments after using Tailwind.

This tool will compile all the famous and trending hashtags for you. You will always have plenty of ideas to create new content and improve the engagement. Here is what you can do with Tailwind:

  • It offers so many hashtags with just one click.
  • It creates a landing page for you totally free.
  • It will use a smart schedule feature. Whenever your audience stays online, it will target them at the same time.

4.   Onlypult

Onlypult is yet another marketing tool for Instagram that helps you in editing as well. It will not only post for you on different platforms but also create landing pages. A perfect tool to boost your sales and manage all the customer trafficking on your Instagram handle. It offers the following:

  • Hashtags for social media.
  • Manage multiple Accounts.
  • In case of a wrong post, automatic deletion.
  • Needs account access.

5.   Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a marketing tool used by individual influencers, small and medium brands as well as professional marketing teams. It majorly offers 3 services:

  • Managing
  • Publishing
  • Analytics

This tool is a perfect way to track your competitors and stay ahead of them on Instagram. The metric system used by Iconosqaure will help you track growth, followers and the reach of your account. Icon square comes with so many features like- geo location, tagging, best-time finder etc.

6.   Leetags

Leetags is mostly based on hashtags provision. With this tool you can find trendy hashtags and copy paste them on your posts. We know that with hashtags we can engage a lot of audience. So, with Leetags tool you can find hashtags related to anything. You can save the hashtags once you search them. This way you can reuse them next time.

  • Use relevant hashtags with Leetags.
  • Create a favorite hashtag list.

7.   Insta Growth Ninja


If you own a personal brand that you promote on Instagram then Insta Growth Ninja is the perfect marketing tool for you. It will enhance your account instantly. With this tool you can:

  • Send numerous direct messages.
  • Like upto 200-300 pictures.
  • Put customized comments on posts.

An amazing marketing tool to track down competitors, use hashtags and has every possible feature to increase engagement.


There are millions of Instagram users. So, there are multiple marketing tools to buy real instagram likes or promote your account. These tools cater the needs of every person. Just keep in mind the cost, ease and efficiency while using any of the above tools. There are plenty of ways to increase the engagement of your instagram account but with the aid of marketing tools you can do it more efficiently and organically.