68% Indians have been COVID infected

May sound quite astonishing but it is a fact that willy-nilly, nearly 68 percent of the countrymen have already contracted the COVID-19 infection and hence developed antibodies. However, absolutely no cause of feeling somewhat relieved in that as many as over 40 crore of the population are still vulnerable or in other words , prone to catch infection. These are the expert findings of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR ) made in its latest national sero survey. Notable thing is that those above the age of six years have developed antibodies to the virus comprising the 68 percent of the population. In common parlance, either by a vaccine or by contracting and surviving COVID infection, antibodies are formed. Does it in other words mean that these 68 percent of the population have developed absolute immunity to further infections and since having antibodies in them can provide enough strength to their bodies to fight the virus? These are questions which experts only, to a larger extent, can accurately tell, the general belief being on the assured or optimistic side notwithstanding.
In this connection, we would like to be quite conservative in that to be on the safest side, is to keep on following (by all) meticulously the Covid-19 safety protocol which everyone knows being wearing a well protective mask, maintaining a distance of 6 feet , washing / sanitizing hands frequently and avoiding crowds. Another finding by the experts has been about having arrived at the conclusion that ”children can (naturally) handle viral infections better”- ”our advice would be to open primary schools first and then the secondary sections”. However, the experts caution that the members on the faculty and other school staff must be ”fully vaccinated”. These words having come from those who handle all the research work about the COVID-19 virus must be received all around by the parents in extremely satisfying manner and taken as a relief from the fatigued scenario out from closures, curfews, lockdowns, restrictions and meticulously following safety protocol. However, the last word about any such relaxation or decision vesting exclusively with the concerned administrative and medical authorities taking into various factors into consideration, is what matters.
The experts have scientific reasons and cogent logic to substantiate their findings. In other words, they say that the younger children have lesser ace receptors in the lungs which the virus uses to bind to the cells. The research further unfolds that the exposure of children is almost the same as adults. Is it because of this factor that countries like Denmark, Sweden, Norway ,Finland etc did not close their primary schools through any COVID wave? Probably, further research alone could throw enough light on the matter.
There is , however, no reason absolutely nil, to feel any complacent even if the two thirds of the population had developed herd immunity or indirect protection from the dreaded virus. Still, a large portion of the population being vulnerable to catch infections, therefore, fast vaccination drive is needed and till the process is completed despite it being world’s largest vaccination drive, safety precautions alone could provide protection. Those who are bogged with the vaccination hesitancy and still are not out from the rumours and canards spread about it must know for certain that vaccination is safe and effective way to prepare the human body create antibodies and these antibodies, in simpler parlance, provide protection from the virus infection.
All the surveys not only within the country but internationally have proved that only vaccination can provide protection from the COVID virus. Hence, it is imperative that not only the process and the speed of vaccination should further pick up but more and more people should come forward to get inoculated in their own interest and safety but never thereafter adopt any complacency or carefree approach about not following safety precautions. Perhaps, only then can we keep the 3rd wave, believed to be fiercer, away and off and prevent it from infecting people in large numbers. Lessons learnt from the second wave can never be forgotten