Udhampur, Kathua Master Plan in stupor

We often draw an analogy of poetic imagination in these lines when we draw a Balance Sheet of announcements and implementation thereof in most of the developmental schemes announced by the State Government either just in the burst of really meaning it but without weighing by matching capacities of resources, administrative follow -up and the like  or just to keep the people of the area in short term cheerful mood. Are there no mechanisms with the Government to monitor how best its own announcements and scheme formulations could be actually made a reality on the ground? If there would have been any, then the much hyped Udhampur Master Plan would have not been in stupor and inertia.
It may be recalled that Udhampur Master Plan was duly approved by the State Cabinet more than a year back to have a planned and well balanced development of this town in all forms. However, there is no official murmur or even a burble anywhere in sight even after more than a year thus rendering the whole exercise confined to papers and files if not consigned to records, as yet. It hardly needs to be emphasized upon that the people keep eagle eyed surveillance on the yawning gap between the proverbial Kathni and Karni.
Is it believable that Udhampur and Kathua Development Authorities have not come into existence despite formal orders having already been issued about their composition and establishment?   The reasons as to why no work or movement towards the execution of the Master Plan  has taken place so far which was prepared by  the Town Planning Organization  after a lot of persuasion and notified the same in terms of Section 10(1) of Jammu and Kashmir Development Act 1970, are unknown. The reasons, again ,  as to why  reportedly no seriousness was shown by the Housing and Urban Development Department to ensure that Udhampur Development Authority  (UDA) was made functional  too are wrapped in mystery. When the identified UDA is not formally constituted, how could the Master Plan be implemented since that was the sole prerogative of the UDA?
Even Zonal Plans are reported to be not architected this far since those are the guiding force   for effective implementation of any Master Plan. It is primarily because of the fact that constituting of the Udhampur Development authority has, till date, remained on papers only and not travelled beyond. The sad state of affairs of the quantum and magnitude of inter departmental and within the departments information, awareness and knowledge of things pertaining to their respective activities can be gauged by the starling fact that most of the senior officers of Housing and Urban Development Authority as also the District Administration are totally unaware of any proposal or order for establishment of the UDA.
Any further critical comments on such dismal state of affairs in our state administration, one can feel shrugged, would be a wasteful exercise . Are not circulars, official communiqués, notes, developments etc being circulated and confirmation sought about having noted the same? Are not the concerned Departments kept abreast of what latest had taken place around concerning their departments directly or indirectly immediately or expectedly slightly later?  It is here that the general public has reasons to remonstrate and feel dejected too which augurs not well for the Government.
The same reasons are afflicting Kathua Development Authority not coming into existence, though orders have since  been “issued”. Again, Housing and Urban Development Department needs to clarify as to what itinerary of official fast track movements it resorted to, in this regard. Housing and Urban Development Department cannot, we are afraid, for such lackadaisical and reckless approach, claim rightfully to be known as “Development” Department, instead of “developing” Department.
In this connection, we shall keep our follow up and monitoring of the issue on continuous basis till things on paper take much needed practical shape.