Death penalty for rape

This refers to the announcement of Mehbooba Mufti, our CM to make death penalty mendatory for minor’s rape. She has given this statement emotionally while dealing with the Rassana rape and murder case. Some states like Haryana and Rajasthan have already passed such law. In our country such types of laws are considered only when there is a sensational and much publicized case and the emotions of the public are high. This has already happened in the Nirbhay case when the law was made more stringent for these crimes. But the law does not recognize emotions. At a time when the world at a large is discarding the death penalty which is considered as cruel and inhuman, we are adding more crimes under this category. So our government should not work under emotions and should decide on the matter only when the emotions of the public cool down. No sane person will disagree that the rape of a minor is a heinous crime and a stringent punishment should be awarded to the perpetrator to act as a deterrent but certainly not the death sentence. The above case of Rassana is already covered under death penalty as it involves the murder also.
Yours etc…..
D R Bhagat
Ekta Vihar Kunjwani