Patients deprived of breakfast

Quite contrary to its traditions, the patients admitted in Government Medical College and Hospital , Jammu and its associated hospitals were deprived of the breakfast consecutively for many days as the contractor has not been paid the money for quite some time , now having accumulated in crores. Gandhi Nagar and Sarwal hospitals too saw their patients without having the breakfast.
Why the bills are not paid despite the contractor repeatedly reminding the authorities could not be known. Health sector falls under the priority sector and funds allocation should not suffer to this extent that hospitals suspend providing the free of cost breakfast to its patients admitted for treatment . Many aggrieved patients are mocking the claims of the facilities provided in Jammu hospitals and are ready to even pay for it rather than go without or arrange from own sources and then carry up to the admitted patients’ beds.
On the other hand, the contractor had served the notice on the administration to clear the dues by April 1 or the supply could be stopped. That the latter was chosen by the administration is unacceptable. An official of the supplier firm told that the GMC Jammu and its associate hospitals owe an amount of Rs. 1.7 crore being cost of the breakfast supplied to in- patients whereas the firm had to pay Rs. 88 lac to the supplier of milk who has stopped the supply. The firm feels helpless to proceed further but why does the administration ? Let us hope the supply is resumed , now , without any ado.


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