5th Natrang Theatre Festival opens with comedy play ‘Kanjoos’

Artists presenting comedy play 'Kanjoos' in 5th Natrang Theatre Festival, which opened on Friday.
Artists presenting comedy play 'Kanjoos' in 5th Natrang Theatre Festival, which opened on Friday.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Sept 21: 5th Natrang Theatre Festival of the year opened here today at Abhinav Theatre Jammu with the presentation of comedy play Kanjoos.
Written by Moliere and directed by Adil Hussain and Harish Khanna, the play ‘Kanjoos’ revolves around Mirza Sakhawat Ali Beg, a middle aged widower who is obsessed with materialism and is a money grabber to the core. He has all his wealth dug in the garden of his house and guards it like a snake.
Azra and Farooq are Mirza’s grown up off springs. Both of them are passing through an age brimming with dreams of love. Azra loves Nasir who is living in Mirza’s house in the grab of a servant. Farooq adores Mariyam, a poor beautiful girl who lives in the same town.
Farzina, a matchmaker of the town, anticipating goods rewards, moots a proposal of marriage of Mariyam with Mirza. Mirza is thrilled but his pleasure is cause of pain for his son, Farooq. For Azra, Mirza has found a perspective groom in Mian Aslam who happens to be long lost father of Nasir and Mariyam.
Nambu, a shrewd and smart confident of Farooq and servant of the household very successfully helps every one realise their desired dream by plotting the theft of Mirza’s entire fortune. Loss of wealth makes Mirza delirious. Ultimately Nambu is able to make a bargain with Mirza and Mirza’s wealth is returned to him in lieu of Mariyam for Farooq.
The play portrays the obsession of humans for money/wealth in comparison to cherished relationships.
The actors performed in the play were Anil Tickoo, Suresh Kumar, Neeraj Kant, Sanjeev Gupta, Pankaj Sharma, Sumeet Sharma, Meenakshi Bhagat, Sushant Singh Charak, Sanjay Bhat, Ajay Lalotra, Zeeshan Haider, Aafaque Khan and Vanshika Gupta.
The lights of the play were designed and executed by Shivam Singh whereas the sound was operated by Lokesh Chander. The presentations were done by Gauri Thakur and the show was coordinated by Mohd Yaseen.
On the second day of the Festival, two plays ‘Suno Eh Kahani’ and ‘Great Expectations will be featured at 4.30 pm and 6 pm respectively, at Abhinav Theatre, Jammu.