A step forward or backward ?

Mehak Gupta Grover
A better world; a better india! Will it be just a dream or will it be a reality one day? In antiquity, man was governed by the realities of nature in a way that very few people living today can even imagine. The technological differences are staggering but other differences,  including population and world view, are equally daunting. In a time without cell phones, computers, telephones, automobiles and all the beeps and buzzes and noises of modern life, silence was common. In a time when the world’s population was less than fifty million, love was common. In a time, when populations lived or died according to the size of their local annual harvest, austerity was the norm.
Despite the fact that India is facing problems like poverty, corruption, population and undisciplined people, India is progressing faster than most other countries. According to the world Bank, India is on course to overtake China to claim the position as the world’s fastest growing, big economy in the next two years. But what do we mean by fastest growing economy? Economy being fueled by agriculture, forestry, tourism and hydropower. What about our people? When we see world class supermarkets and food chains in our cities and when youngsters gloat over their choice of food, why should downtrodden children ( approximately 51%) in the country be undernourished?
There is a glaring disparity in income levels in India. We define a developed society as one where the poorest section of the society has the ability to lead a reasonably comfortable life in terms of access to education, health-care, nutrition and shelter. In such a society, the gap between rich and poor must be as low as possible. Development is not about availability of imported wines,  iPhones,  ipads or under armour shoes. Development is fulfilling the basic needs of and creating an opportunity  for every citizen to improve his or her lot.
We find our country heading towards technology, so we are becoming developed. But what about the crimes against women which are getting worst day by day? Why are so many people unemployed? Why is there more and more trouble at the borders? Why there aren’t enough seats in schools and colleges? Why number of old age homes needs increment? Why are elderly being ill- treated? And we say India is developing. This is our irony!
India was known as ‘SONE KI CHIDIYA’- ‘ THE GOLDEN BIRD’. From kohinoor to agricultural land to mountains,we had it all. It was a country which had everything,  from money to gold to animals to beauty. It was the wealthiest land in the ancient times. Along with being wealthy, it was known for its values and culture. We were the traders which can be dated back to 800 B.C., when we formed business organisations. We invented the coin system and barter system along with introducing economics. We used to trade food, cotton, gems,etc. Anything that was a global need, India had it. We have all this today as well, but we are misleading our path ourselves. We are misleading our values and cultures. India has always been famous for its values which are inculcated in each and every citizen- but they are vanishing. Why are women being ill-treated?  Why are kids being misused? Why are people being treated as objects rather than human beings? Why is everyone becoming self- centered? When India is among the largest producers of engineers and scientists in the world, then why the teachers are least bothered for children’s education in the government institutions? We find our corporate leaders splurge money on yachts, mansions and planes, then why should 300 million Indian  people live on hardly rupees 545/- per month, barely sufficient to manage two meals a day with no money left for school, clothing, shelter and medicines? We are more polarised against each other than ever before. The amount of hatred between  religion, race, nationality is at its boiling point.
Who doesn’t want a better India?  The efforts have to be really strong and positive. The elite and influencial class need to have a strong moral conscience and show fairness to the less fortunate and bring hope and betterment to the millions of poor and uneducated.  We need to learn from our ancient ethics.
In words of Sri Sri-
“Do not let the good people just stay indoors and do nothing for the society. You must awaken the people. They should all step out of the comforts of their homes and become active volunteers for a better India. We want to see our country as ‘ the golden bird’ once again”.