5 risk factors for deaths in India

Before the pointed reasons of a study are enumerated for the causes of deaths in India, commonly those can be attributed to polluted air and water, adulteration in food items and use of chemicals on fruits and cereals crops , noise pollution, wrong lifestyle and increased tensions. However, a technical study made by The Global Burden Of Disease (GBD) puts it at air pollution, hypertension, tobacco use, poor diet and high glucose levels. These studies have assessed more than 286 causes of deaths and 369 diseases in more than 200 countries across the world.
The study says that the healthy life expectancy in India has not been as dramatic as the growth of life expectancy. This was because people lived for ”more years with illness and disability”. Non communicable diseases like heart diseases, strokes, diabetes and five factors that contributed to maximum deaths were High blood pressure, air pollution, tobacco use, and high glucose levels. The picture is not wholly dismal as the study notes that India has gained more than a decade of life expectancy since 1990 but with wide inequalities between the States. Cumulative impact on health, however, has been from the striking rise in metabolic risks like high cholesterol, high sugar levels and hypertension. In common parlance, proper calories intake, nutritious diet, more physical activities, less intake of salt and sugar, adulterated free food items and a relaxed mind, play a vital part in preventing contracting of silent killer diseases.