Thursday 08-2016

Aries : Today’s events will be dominated by lots of friends. Life will seem to you to be a huge party, even if it is just tea that you are having together. However, Ganesha suggests that you set aside the evening for a special friend.

Taurus : This one of those rare days when everything goes smoothly as planned. You are not likely to face any problem in any walk of life. Yet, says Ganesha, you will tend to feel stressed and unsettled. This would surely occur if, in your enthusiasm, you assume more responsibilities than you can handle. Later, you could be getting too excited and agitated and ready to explode without warning. You will, however, regain your calm and composure in course of he evening.

Gemini : You will be busy involved in planning for and activities related to travelling. Exposure to various types of people and cultures will provide you with food for thought. You need to guard against being arrogant and be humble, says Ganesha.

Cancer : Ganesha says you will win over people with your oratory. So it will speed up your work. In the afternoon, you will get news of monetary gain in the office. Be on the guard, minor ailments may bother you, warns Ganesha.

Leo : A good deed is never wasted. Remember this as today, you shall find yourself in the incredible position of being of invaluable assistance to someone in need, says Ganesha. So lend out that helping hand and be assured that your generosity will not be forgotten. On a personal front, you may feel bothered by some minor problem in relationships, but do not fret too much. As the day progresses, take some time out to meditate and maybe even listen to music, advises Ganesha.

Virgo : You will end up spending the whole day at work today, making detailed plans for the future. While taking important decisions, Ganesha says, keep your partner informed. Whenever needed, also take the consent of your family to avoid any misunderstandings in the future. It will surprise you to receive the mature advise of your partner.

Libra : Ganesha says today you will wish to get away from the monotony of daily life and take a break from your work and go off on a vacation. This trip, which you will take, will be beneficial to you and will increase your knowledge and experience. You will find satisfaction and happiness in your personal relationship. In the evening time you will feel hurt by the speech or behavior of your loved ones

Scorpio : According to Ganesha, you may just be happy basking in the glory of successful business deals. Focus on your target and there’s lot more in store for you on the career front. Sometimes, it’s all right to pamper your beloved with precious gifts, and for this you may end up splurging today.

Sagittarius : Time and tide waits for none, they say. To make the most of the present times, you need to pull up your socks. You will soon take up the challenging task of getting organised in your ways and focusing on the goals of life. At work, you leave no stone unturned to achieve your goals, but may fail to fulfil your superiors’ expectations.

Capricorn : Uncertainties – the only certainty of life, will not bog you down. You are ready to take risks and try your luck out. Start a business or project today, and there are fair chances of you succeeding at that, predicts Ganesha. Appreciation and acknowledgement of your sincerity will brighten up your day. Moreover, you possess a rare art of time management, and it will surely boost your image.

Aquarius : Explore the world today, as luck is standing by your side and everything you touch will turn into god, be it in you business or profession, foresees Ganesha. You are trying too hard to succeed, and you may get tempted to compromise on your moral values. Don’t give undue importance to success, life is not all about strengthening bank balance, advises Ganesha.

Pisces : You will be at your wit’s end today, grappling with financial issues. You will decide to multiply your savings and increase your income by whatever means possible. The good news being you will find it easy to implement your new plans and schemes. Your friends could have some vital insights to share with you about your finances, says Ganesha.



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