Kellie Pickler wants to contribute to the society
LONDON, Dec 3:  Singer Kellie Pickler said she uses her fame to make a difference in the world.
The 30-year-old singer first found fame on US TV talent show “American Idol” in 2005 and has since gone on to become a big name in the country music world.
Besides enjoying success with her records, Kellie has always been determined to give back as much as possible, and recently completed her 10th United Service Organisations (USO) tour.
The tour involves her singing to the troops and meeting soldiers, and is something the country star relishes, reported Contactmusic.
“It is truly an honour,” Kellie said of singing for the troops.
“I have been so blessed to work with the USO for years now… I feel like my husband and I have such a beautiful life and we are so blessed to have our dreams become a reality, and we are able to use our jobs and careers as a vehicle to get into the door and be a part of things that matter. The USO matters and it does make a difference. We can always do our part.”
Kellie was recently recognised for her work motivating the military, and was presented with the 2016 Spirit of Hope Award by the Department of Defense in October. (PTI)


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