40,000 students enroll in Govt schools in Kashmir with 8,000 switching from private institutions

Suhail Bhat

SRINAGAR, Mar 27: In a significant boost to education, approximately 40,358 new students have enrolled in Government schools across Kashmir, with nearly 8,000 students making the switch from private to Government schools.
Director of School Education Kashmir (DSEK), Tasaduk Hussain, shared this information during a function in Srinagar, saying that this data is available in real-time on an online system developed by the Government.
“The online system which we have developed shows the real-time enrolment of students in Government schools, and according to the live data which I am accessing this time, we have 40,358 new enrolments in government schools. Anyone can access this link to see the real enrolment that is happening,” he said.
He further clarified that the system only includes new enrolments and does not account for previously enrolled students, nor does it include students who have changed schools.
Tasaduk addressed the issue of fee payment for students and urged schools to collect fees in easy installments according to the parents’ paying capability. He also said that schools should not withhold discharge certificates, which could negatively impact the student’s education. “We have given directions to the Head of the Institutions, and the students should be admitted to any classes irrespective of whether they get discharge certificates or not,” he said.
He also emphasized that strict action will be taken against any complaints of schools withholding certificates. “All CEOs and ZEOs have been directed to take action against such complaints,” he added.
The Director said that strict action will be taken wherever they receive specific information about private schools charging admission fees and other fees from students in violation of Government orders. “Additionally, all CEOs and ZEOs have been directed to take action against such complaints,” he said.
Regarding the distribution of textbooks, Tasaduk mentioned that orders were issued in September last year that books would be issued from the Board. He acknowledged that there have been some challenges in this regard, but with the recent appointment of the JKBOSE Chairman, the process will gain momentum.
Tasaduk highlighted the Government’s efforts to address the issue of dropouts and ensure that they are admitted to appropriate classes. “From last November, we have worked hard on the dropouts and are admitting them to appropriate classes,” he said.