2018, Let’s change the rhetoric!

Karanvir Gupta
It is 2030. Chetty – the robot brings a warm glass of milk for you. While you get ready for the work, Amazon got your order delivered by the drone and you just shout out your choice of song to be played via Echo. This is no more elitist but a norm for an average being like you and me. Delhi and Mumbai are just an hour away with bullet speed trains. Organic farming with advanced equipment and techniques has become a practice now. While we can type and draw on the computerised transparent screens anywhere and anytime, we are still figuring out ways to get good internet speed here in J&K.
And the alarm rings. You thank God for it is still 2017 and nothing of that sorts has happened. At the same time you also wish that it doesn’t happen (that we are not stuck where we are today). But how do we ensure that? We are still reading the same headlines of a militant being killed, government needs to empathise with the youth, bringing Kashmiris closer to India, X amount sanctioned for some development project, n number of transfers happened and so on so forth for quite many years. Do we really want to hear this? or do we deserve to hear this year-on-year? What has got us stuck here and forever?
All these people who talk “we will do this” and “govt. should do this”; “changes need to be made in policy” and then create a divide via opinions and polarise the atmosphere are the only ones who orchestrate for ways to slowdown the development work and be hindrance in the path of progress. Because they have one point program – how should we be in power in the next elections (and how unrest can accentuate our cause) and how to make most of the moolah that flows to bridge the gap between the state and the centre.
Who remains affected and will continue to bear the brunt of this hideous game – the public. Not only the people of Jammu or Kashmir alone but the entire public across the state. The public has been made to clip their wings of dreams by reiterating the same horrifying stories again and again. And whenever it seems that the flame is getting low, they flare it up all over via one means or the other.
You, me and I am sure – every single person of Jammu and Kashmir wants to read: The internet speeds went up by X Mbps because of new lease lines; Private companies investing thousand crores in the Smart City program; New equipment has been bought to promote sports tourism in Srinagar; Metro services start from Kathua to Jammu connecting Vijaypur and Bari Brahmna. We want to hear that J&K becomes self-sufficient state in producing and exporting electricity to other states; Admissions soar high in institutes like AIIMS, IIM, SMVDU, State Universities considering the quality of teaching staff and new methods of teaching incorporated; Dal lake becomes the cleanest water source once again. J&K hosts the World Weavers’ Meet to discuss art and design and refurbish the dying art forms.. This is what we want to hear and read about our state.
Tehnology, Education, Art, Design – this is what brings people of a state closer to India. Ensuring that there are cross-state exchange of knowledge and art forms is what blends the people. Making others a part of our dreams and ourselves enabling someone else’s dream is what creates unison. When people have a common objective, then they become and behave as one. Asking people to be closer to an ethnicity and culture via policy and regulations doesn’t help – at all. Accepting cultures and learning from them is what makes for a united state and an integral nation.
While we stand here today retreating 2017, We need to ensure that – we the public – get talking about different ways of development. What can benefit and make the businesses of Jammu flourish manifold and how can we ensure that Srinagar remains the most beautiful yet most advanced city across the map. And how they both can collaborate with each other. We need to make progress, sustainable development and peace as our talking points of debate and discussion. I strongly believe we attract what we think and work towards. Lets be happy it is not 2030  yet but onset of 2018. Let us Change the rhetoric. Lets get people talking about things that really matter in today’s date – and are going to matter more few years from now.