2 killed in Karachi blast

KARACHI : Two people were killed and several injured in a bomb blast in a congested neighbourhood in Pakistan’s largest city, police said today.
The bomb triggered by a remote controlled device went off in the busy Orangi Town here late last night when people were eating at the market.
“It is a densely populated area and apparently the one-and-a-half kilogram bomb was placed in a cycle parked there,” city police chief Ghulam Thebo said.
He said that two of the nearly dozen people injured in the blast later died in hospital. Two children were also injured.
Orangi Town is a densely-populated area of Karachi, mostly inhabited by Pashtuns and Urdu-speaking Mohajirs who migrated from India.
The area has been a flashpoint for ethnic violence in the past and in recent times has also been hit by violence from militant groups. (AGENCIES)


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