125 passengers on charter flight from Italy test positive for Covid

NEW DELHI, Jan 6: A total of 125 passengers on a Milan-Amritsar charter flight were found to be Covid-positive when tested on arrival, government officials said on Thursday.
Officials said there were a total of 179 passengers on the charter flight YU-661 that landed at the Amritsar airport at around 1.30 PM on Wednesday.
Since Italy is one of the “at risk” countries according to the Union Health Ministry, all eligible passengers — 160 in this case — were tested for COVID-19 and 125 of them were found to be positive, they mentioned.
Out of total 179 passengers, 19 were children or infant so they were exempt from on-arrival RT-PCR testing, they said.
The charter flight between Milan in Italy and Amritsar in Punjab was operated by Portuguese company EuroAtlantic Airways, they mentioned. (PTI)