Alice in Anxiety land !

In the late hours of night
Holding on to memories so tight
She was crying like anything in pain
How artistically a happy personality she feigned
What she was going through , why she was letting herself suffer
Knowingly or unknowingly she was making things even tougher
Things were real , real in the head
Was done introspecting herself in the bed
What if happens this or what if that
Wanted someone to understand and help out
But neither she wanted to talk nor in the condition to chat
Her anxious mind was pushing her towards the suicidal thoughts
No comments since it isn’t the battle you fought
I don’t know when people will come forward, understand and be a helping hand
Now I see, in reality alice was deteriorating herself in anxiety land !!!
Naina Lakhotra



Supports me like a pillar,
Guides me like a mentor,
Teaches me like a teacher,
He is none other than “My Father.”
Plays with me like a kid,
Talks with me like a friend,
Sometimes, annoys me like my brother,
He is none other than “My Father.”
Motivates me like a coach,
Protects me like a hero,
Cares for me just like my mother,
He is none other than “My Father.”
Helps me everytime,
Encourages my strength,
Like whom there is no one other,
He is none other than “My Father.”
-Sneha Patwari
Kunjwani, Jammu

Golden words

Work hard
Worry not.
Believe in self
Then only rest.
Success sparkle must
Magnificent result
Just trust.
Look up to rise
Sky is the limit
Become more wise.
Look down to live
A satisfied life.
Success seas across
Give up not.
Chase your dream
Hardwork hardcore team.
To achieve believe
Believe to win
Only chase no grin.
Col Parmjit Singh
Sainik Colony