10% Reservation Boost

Ten percent reservation quota decision taken by the Central Government is a historic one that is going to give a boost to the general category people of this country. Our parliament has also passed the bill and will soon become a law. Till date there is 50 percent reservation in admissions and in securing Govt jobs in the various departments.
It used to benefit some sections of the society mostly ST SC and other backward classes of the society. But when we visualise things deeply, there are people who can hardly make both ends meet, and some one below poverty line stand deprived by one way or other. This section comes from general category and lags behind in social status in society. Even if they get highest merit they stand dropped from the list of appointees. This injustice has been carried on and victim was bound to sustain the brunt. Even in admissions for various courses the general category people have to cut a sorry figure although if performance is better. Now when the 10 percent provision for general category people has been kept in the recent decision taken by the present dispensation in the country, it will provide some space for the deprived and economically weaker sections of the society.
S N Raina


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