10 food items that will help you Melt off

Agrita Chibber

A perfect body may seem like a dream for many of you, but dreams are meant to be targeted and achieved. Many of you must be working out really hard still, there would no visible result.  Like you can’t clap with one hand, in the same way, working out without changing your intake is of no use.
1. Green Tea
In present times, green tea is leading the fitness products. It is beneficial for burning fat, boost metabolism, and also helps in lowering blood pressure. Now, grab a pack of this elixir, coffee is so old school.
2. Almonds
They are natural weight loss tonic, without any added chemicals. Instead, of grabbing an aired packet of carbs or anything unhealthy keep almonds with you. Before hitting out gym don’t forget to consume them.
3. Blueberry Smoothie
Blend skim milk and frozen unsweetened blueberries for a minute. It’s ready to drink. Losing weight is fun with these smoothies.
4. Avocado
Avocado is the apple of era. Switch to avocado oil for cooking, as it has multiple benefits. Eating a half medium sized avocado, is your secret to lighter and healthier you.
5. Hard Boiled Eggs
Easy and cheap in your weight loss diet. Low in calories and high protein food for your fit body is a perfect breakfast food.
6. Yogurt
It has an abundance of vitamins in it which required by your body. A high protein food helps to fight cold, but at the same, it is important to see if it is low- fat yogurt. If plain is too boring adding some fruits to it to will flavor it up.
7. Kalamata Olives
Besides, weight loss it is loaded with other fascinating qualities like it fights cancer, improves eye health, gives you a glowing complexion and beautiful hair. Avoid purchasing olives in cans.
8. Bean Sprouts
It can be perfectly used as salad. Consuming raw sprouts helps in digestion and flushes out impurities. But make sure they are cleaned properly or are sure to play another way round in harming you. Moong sprout salad is one of the most delicious recipes of sprout to be tasted.
9. Dark Chocolate
It is your stress buster and waist thinner. A little amount of dark chocolate daily helps you to avoid consumption of too much of sugary products. Replace your sugary enemy with a healthy friend.
10. Water
Last, but the important of all, is this potion. Make sure to drink 7 to 8 glass every day. As this calorie-free drink except for weight loss has a number of magical properties. Just a sip away you are.