“Your terrorists” and “My terrorists”

The stupidity of playing ‘Your terrorists’ and ‘My terrorists’ and returning to that era was tantamount to encouraging the scourge of terrorism and there was never as concerted need to fight the menace united(ly) as it is now. India as the worst victim of terrorism, has every reason to caution such mistaken thought process or any type of political or diplomatic rhetoric or adopting any such policy. This would fragment and divide the nations only to pave the way for terrorism to operate with more ease. India’s permanent representative to the United Nations , on these very lines, recently cautioned the World Body saying that the international community has acknowledged that the threat from terrorism was grave especially realising it more after 9/11 terror attack on World Trade Centre.
Terrorism in all its forms and manifestations needed only to be condemned as agreed to earlier and there cannot be any exception or justification for any act of terrorism was what India conveyed through its permanent representative to the UN. Hence two decades later , there should be no attempts to divide the nations again on compartmentalisation of terror , ‘your’, ‘mine’ , ‘good ‘ or ‘bad’. It may be recalled that India has been championing the need of adoption of a comprehensive convention on International Terrorism. Religious phobias and taking sides on that plea should never be done from the platforms of the UN and member states should not take sides.