Women education

Women constitute about half of the total population across the globe.But they have suffered long because of gender discrimination and lack of education.Even in our country, the literacy rate of women was much below than that of men before and even after independence.But as a result of steps taken by the Union and the State Government under various schemes, there has been considerable enhancement in both literacy rate and socio economic condition of women. Modern age is the age of awakening of women. They are trying to compete with men in all spheres of life.In many cases, girls are surpassing the boys in competitive and academic examinations.Gone are the days when people opposed female education and said that the proper sphere for women is home and that the money spent on the education of girls is wasted.Women are now occupying highest offices in both Govt and Private sector.We have had women President, Prime Minister, Governor, Speakers, Judges,academicians, film stars etc.
Indian women have registered their presence in good number even in the Civil services and Belt Forces and excelled at national and international level in sports, beauty contests,diplomats etc.In fact, there is no sphere where women are lagging behind men.All this has been the result of education of girls that a silent revolution in the economic and professional empowerment of women has occured in the society.Educated women can play an important role in the development of country and share the burden of men in different walks of life.
Education is a boon to the women in this age of economic crisis.Now a days it is difficult for the people to make both ends meet.It is necessary that both the wife and the husband should work to earn money to keep the fires burning in this age of high prices of commodities .The progress of a country depends on female education and no country can progress unless the women and girls are educated properly.So there should be more stress on female education, especially in rural areas and on the girls belonging to deprived sections of society so that these girls can compete with those living in cities and towns.
Sansar Chand
Kolakh, Latti Udhampur


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