Withdraw FIR against Maj Gagoi or face consequences: NPP

NPP leader Harshdev Singh addressing press conference in Jammu.
NPP leader Harshdev Singh addressing press conference in Jammu.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, May 24: Accusing the BJP of duplicity and double standards,  NPP chairman and  former minister Harsh Dev Singh today said that while on the one hand BJP leaders were making media statements hailing the award conferred upon Major Leetul Gagoi but their own Govt contrarily had refused to withdraw the FIR against the brave-heart.
He regretted that despite the country- wide applause and appreciation for Major Gagoi for his act of valour, the BJP-PDP Govt in J&K had registered an FIR against the national hero at the behest of anti-nationals and other separatist forces.
Addressing media persons here, Harsh Dev Singh regretted that even the jingoistic BJP had failed to appreciate the logic behind the novel idea conceptualized by Major Gagoi to save dozens of lives in their desperation to remain glued to power. He regretted that even the most convincing reasoning given by the Army officer for using the ring leader of stone pelters as human shield went unheeded with the Saffron flavoured Govt announcing to proceed with the investigations and trial of the national hero.

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Describing the Govt move aimed at punishing Major Gagoi for his heroic act as contemptuous and sacrilegious, Singh warned to initiate a movement against the present dispensation if the FIR was not withdrawn immediately.
Lampooning the BJP in particular for its perfidy and lame duck posturing, Singh said that there was a complete mis-match between its slogans and actions. He said that while the Army Chief deserved kudos for honouring Major Gagoi, the BJP needed a countrywide condemnation for its vague nauseating statements and deceptive slogans given only to hoodwink the gullible masses.
Describing the statements given by a few of BJP leaders in support of Major Gagoi as a mere window dressing for the credulous, Singh questioned them over their State own Govt’s decision on persecution of Major Gagoi adding further that the Saffron party stood fully exposed for its treachery.
Flaying the Central and State Govts for their appeasement policy on Kashmir, Singh regretted that while the brave-hearts were being humiliated, humbled and harassed, the Separatists and anti-nationals were being pampered and placated.


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