Wisdom in the ancient texts

The ISRO Chief,A S Kiran Kumar’s thought provoking statement that our country’s pride resides in its glorious heritage and our ancient texts should not be disregarded (DE, Nov 22, 2015), needs to be taken seriously by one and all.There is no doubt that some of our traditions and culture date way back to the times when even history was not recorded. Science which is an organised and systematic knowledge gained by mankind through observation and experiments is relatively of modern origin as compared to our traditions.The modern Science may owe much to the ancient Greek, Indian, Chinese,Roman and other traditions which surely serve as the primary source of ancient knowledge and wisdom.For instance, Upanishadas, The Vedas, The Gita and other ancient texts in India are the sublime source of vital knowledge and wisdom and ancient traditions such as Yoga,Acupuncture etc are perhaps more effective in keeping a person both mentally and physically fit than medicines in treating ailments such as pains stress etc.Our ancient scriptures abound in references where deadly wounds and diseases were treated by medicines and herbs.Vedas have been  translated into English, German and other languages and  many scientists including Einstein, Bohr,Tesla are said to have been the avid readers of Vedas.The Indian rishi Acharya Kanad is believed to have given his Atomic theory about two thousand and five hundred years ago.It is also said that our ancient texts contain references to the units of time, energy,etc.
Our ancient texts need to be studied,researched extensively to get real wisdom and knowledge and publish it into assimilable and readable language in order to acquaint our youth with them and motivate them to emulate them to achieve higher order of thinking,learning and better life.Who knows some idea from these texts may inspire the young students to discover something new,which may benefit mankind in a big way.
Yours etc…
Ashok Sharma,
Flat No 4,Housing Colony, Udhampur


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