Winters can affect heart health: Dr Sharma

HoD Cardiology GMC Jammu Dr Sushil Sharma examining patients at Birpur on Sunday.
HoD Cardiology GMC Jammu Dr Sushil Sharma examining patients at Birpur on Sunday.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Nov 19: With an aim to highlight the winter cardiovascular disease phenomenon, HoD Cardiology GMC Jammu, Dr Sushil Sharma conducted a day long camp at Shri Data Ranpat Dev ji Devsthan, Birpur, Jammu today.
More than 250 patients were examined, screened and diagnosed for cardiovascular diseases and given free medicines as per requirements. “Seasonal variation in morbidity and mortality due to CVDs has been noted across the globe, with higher incidence rates during the winter than in summer. This variation is linked with multiple risk factors such as temperature, physical activity, air pollution, infections and food habits. Another potentially important seasonal risk factors such as seasonal variation in the plasma level of fibrinogen, cholesterol, hormones and vasoactive substance including vasopressin, norepinephrine, epinephrine and angiotensin II, aldosterone and catecholamine which tends to rise in the winter is suggested to play an important role in the seasonal change of CVDs,” Dr Sharma said.
While interacting with the attendants, he underlined the fact that many people don’t know the potential dangers of being outdoors in cold weather. “People who don’t take certain precautions can suffer accidental hypothermia. Hypothermia means the body temperature falls below 35 degrees Celsius or about 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Cooler temperature can increase your heart rate and blood pressure, and cause changes to your blood that can increase the risk of developing blood clots and leads to heart attacks and strokes. Children and the elderly are at special risk because they may have limited ability to communicate or impaired mobility.”
He added a further note of caution by stating that people should not over exert in winters. “Avoid sudden cold exposure and to keep warm, wear layers of clothing. Also, wear a hat, gloves or head scarf. Though they should continue to exercise regularly, they should modify their timings, so as to avoid extreme weather.”
Others who were part of this awareness drive, included Dr Dhaneshwar Kapoor, Dr. Anitipal Singh ,Dr Akhil Gupta and Dr Vivak Arya ( Scientist and social activist). Paramedics and volunteers included Kamal Sharma, Kashmiri Lal, Gourav Sharma, Aman Gupta, Suresh Baigra, Rajinder Singh ,Gourav Gupta, Rajeev Vohra and Vikas Kumar .


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