Will go for ‘Nirbhaya’ missile trial next week: DRDO Chief

NEW DELHI: After rectifying all the glitches, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) will go on for fifth-trial of the country’s indigenous subsonic cruise missile ‘Nirbhay’ next week.
Addressing reporters on the sidelines of three-day international conference on FIPSPHYSIOCON-2017 in University of Delhi, DRDO Chairman S Christopher said, “All the glitches have been cleared now and tentatively by next week, we will put the missile on trial.”
This would be the fifth trial and except one all the previous flight tests had ended in failure.
The last failure on December 21, 2016 was caused by the wing-deployment problem in the second stage of the missile, which flies like an aircraft.
The missile, conceived, designed and developed by the DRDO, can take out targets 1,000 km away and can carry a 300-kg warhead.
India has developed all its missiles at DRDO’s Missile Complex in Hyderabad and Nirbhay is the first Made-in-Bangalore-missile.


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