Why to migrate from Existing Data Center to New Data Center with IT Rental?

Are you planning to migrate your complete IT data from the existing server to a new server? You may definitely worry about data loss when you think about migrating your data to another server. Yes, data migration is not an easy task; it is a very crucial aspect for companies that run heavy database applications. So all the things should be planned well in advance to minimize downtime and ensure a smooth migration. In order to complete the migration smoothly, you must back up the data securely under the supervision of experts.

Companies may have several reasons for shifting the data from the old server to a new one. If there are security concerns with the existing server, you will no longer show interest in using it. Whereas in few other cases, you may look to migrate to a new server if the existing server configuration cannot be upgraded to higher configuration or if the hardware is no longer able to meet the requirements of your growing business. There is no alternative for these three situations; the only thing that you can do is migrating the data to a new server. If you are unable to afford to buy a new server, you can take a server on rent from leading IT rental service providers and then migrate the data into it.

Save IT Investment during Recession with Rental Servers

By shifting the data to a rental server, you will have more resources on your existing server to run your business programs. You will save a lot of your IT investment by migrating the data to the rental server, especially during the recession time as you don’t have to invest in a new server. The rental server can be used as long as you want until your business gets higher profits. Whether you wish to continue your business operations or want to interrupt the process, IT data can be migrated easily to the other servers over the network.

Once your IT Company starts earning profits, you can then purchase a new server. Few IT rental service providers also sell the leased servers if you want to buy it after the rental period. You would definitely get those servers at the portion of the cost of the new servers which further saves your IT budget. One more advantage of choosing servers on rent for migrating your sensitive data is that you don’t need to hire technical staff for migrating the data and maintaining it.

Find Reliable IT Rental Service Provider

Leading IT rental service provider also provides high-end budget-friendly rental that includes both migration and maintenance costs. If you choose a rental server where even maintenance cost is included, you don’t have to worry about the server uptime, tech support and data security. There won’t be much pressure on your IT staff as all the maintenance burden will be taken care of by the service provider. Data migration with a rental server is the best solution if you want to move old backups, outdated pages or unused email accounts. Only a well-known rental service provider can tell you the best time and prepare a proper plan to migrate your data successfully without any losses.

Build Cloud at Your Office Premise

If you are planning to migrate your IT data, there are two options for you. Coming to the first option, you can select what brand of server you want along with the configuration and then deploy at the data center where the IT rental service provider deploys the servers. Coming to the second option, if there is a continuous power supply, uninterrupted network and secure premises, then there is an option for you to build a private cloud with rental services within your office and then dump the whole data in that server. When the data is hosted in your on-premise private cloud, only your internal IT team will be able to access the data that too from a highly secured network.

If your rental service provider hosts the servers at Tier 4 data centers, then you don’t need to worry about network connection, power supply, data security or downtime as these data centers are built on latest infrastructure in a secure environment. Your migration becomes error-free with these providers.

For example, if you wish to place the server within your office, then a strong connection which lasts permanently is essential for the server to transmit the data. A network connection is one of the crucial things that have to be given utmost importance because the improper connection can create unwanted errors during the migration. For any unexpected reason, if the connection gets interrupted in the middle of data transmission, it would completely stop the process, and the transmission must be restarted from the initial stage. Even if the process is restarted, the entire data may or may not reach the server where the server is being migrated.

Make a Detailed Plan Before Migrating 

Server migration is a tedious task, and it depends upon the size of your project and the infrastructure that you are going to use. Therefore the entire process should be planned carefully and should be executed by taking the assistance of experts.

Let us look at the aspects where you must focus on before migrating the data.

  • What type of infrastructure and configuration does your business need?
  • Analyze whether the chosen hardware is suitable for the development of your IT project or not?
  • Plan whether the entire migration process should take place during the operation or should all activities be stopped until the completion of the migration process?
  • What should all steps be taken to get rid of the downtime?
  • You should come to an idea of what to do when your crucial applications fail to work after the end of the migration process.

Why is it a good choice to choose Servers on Rent from Server Basket?

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