Why “Shoor”

The author of the article, “Why this “Shoor” published in your esteemed daily of 3rd May, 2019, talks about the noise, one is the noise of politicians insensitiveness and other imperceptible administrators. Coarseness of both is felt by the ordinary citizens.
Bizarre statements of politicians redefining the terminology forces one to think, either they have lost sanity or think common people fools. You want to cry and laugh at the same time. Sometimes their statements hurt the sentiment of the people. Their skill of ability to quickly change their statements is masterly.
They make a loud noise to articulate their point. May be the persons with education background are not influenced by their boisterousness but a large people are motivated to persuade the concocted statements. The noise of politicians in the valley to garner votes is an example of the caustic campaign.
Similarly there are so many politicians who camouflage their lies in such a manner that in the bedlam of noise, it looks a truth.
Similar is the case of imperceptible administrators. For the people in governance on roads, fields or in the offices, for them, this is impossible to perceive with any of the senses to govern. The reasons can be many. As things fall apart, so governance is bad. I may conclude, both, politicians insensitiveness and imperceptible administrators are synonyms to each other. Both make noise to hide their inefficiency. Resulting, a common man is lost somewhere in their noise.
Vijay Kashkari
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