‘Why Cheat India will start dialogue in society : Emraan Hashmi

NEW DELHI: Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi who is all geared up for the release of his movie ‘Why Cheat India’, says he hopes the film will at least start a conversation, as it is shows mirror how a system should be.
Emraan said that ‘Why Cheat India’ is based on real instances but is a fictional story.
The movie which is based on education system of India, when asked if it will bring revolution in the society, Emraan said,? I hope at least a conversation starts. I don’t believe a system changes overnight. It has phases, and I hope this film brings about certain change.?

The movie was earlier titled ‘Cheat India’ was later changed to ‘Why Cheat India’, closely prior to it’s release.

When asked Emraan who is also the Producer of the film, if freedom of expression is being restricted in the creative space, said,Yes we can’t be completely creatively open. There is self-censorship. You really don’t know what problem censor board come up with the film, like for example the title of the film.
This is the film where India is being cheated by a system. We had given an apt title for the film. But they (censor) want to put the ‘Why’ there. I don’t get that. We are just putting mirror to the system what is happening in the education sector. It is the truth, there is certain honesty in it. But obviously we don’t like very honest questions to be asked. Sometimes the truth is uncomfortable, he said.
We need to bring about a very big change in the system. This film is a plea, shows mirror that how a system should be. Hopefully we will have changes, the ‘Jannat’ actor said.

If the change of title affect the theme of movie, Emraan said, No I don’t think so. It’s a last minute change which,however, illogical it is, people have already seen the promo earlier and whoever has to come and see the film will see the film. So it doesn’t really makes a difference.
On how did the idea come up, Emraan said,Soumik Sen narrated it to me one-and-half years back and for me it was very enlightening to know many loopholes are there in our education system.
I know how ineffective it has been in the entire premise of road mugging, probably doesn’t offer much to students in life. But I didn’t know of this organised business of cheating in examination halls. That is why I felt I should be doing this not just as an actor but also as a producer.
There’s never been a film made on education system before. Things in our industry are sugar coated. But at the same time I am not saying this is a very serious film, it has an underlying message and will also entertain people. But at the same time it will open up to lot of things that has been bogging down the education system and there lies the strength of the film, the ‘Tum Mile’ actor said.
Emraan who will be seen in a new ‘avtaar’ in this movie, hopes that he break the labels.
I hope so the movie break the labels I have got. It’s just that an actor has to do different kind of roles, explore different kind of genres. I have never been a guy who have boxed up people in labels, but some people do. So it’s very important to offer something new, Emraan said.
As an actor I believe I have always offered something new to the people, to experience in every film a different kind of story. I have taken risks, experimented, and I think that has paid off to me, he said.
On his fans missing the ‘old avtaar’ of him and if he has any regrets, Emraan said,I don’t have any regrets. I have done all kinds of films. It’s not that I will not play what I have done before. It’s just that for an actor to grow, he/she has to prioritise few things.
Audience won’t miss the old me in this movie, but it’s just that people have liked me in devious, grey kind of roles. This movie shows a very different version of me. People will see other elements which they have not seen earlier, he said.

If he had heard of any education scam earlier, Emraan said,I have heard of paper leaks, Vyapam scam. Government should remove uniforms.The teachers have to be more qualified, who really want to teach students.They are imparted in such a boring way that children don’t want to learn.
The cheating mafias have to be completely abolished from our country and removed. The whole machinery and thought process has to be changed. More money has to be pumped up into this sector. People have to understand this is the most important infrastructure, our base on which the society builds up. If we put less emphasis on grades,marks and more on learning abilites, then the children will come out to be more brighter and creative, he said.
If there was any difficulty portraying the character, Emraan said,I think every role comes with a challenge. As a producer it was a new challenge, new experience. It brought new things which I never knew about. I have been in the decision making there right form the start. And yeah there have been difficulties through the film but nothing we can’t overcome.
On his biggest takeaway from the movie, Emraan said, the system needs a complete revolution. Our country won’t progress the way it is progressing.
On what kind of education he dream for his son, Emraan said,The one he is doing right now. I think he is living my dream. A system that is open, creative which really pushes both the hemispheres of the brain, doesn’t have road mugging, no tests, no homework. Ayaan is being a kid right now, enjoying his life.
If box office numbers affect him,the ‘Murder’ actor said,it does matter. The way the economics of this film are, it makes a profit on it’s release. More than that it has to be acceptance, how people will like it. That’s something very heartening to know that the efforts have been paid of, the audience will love it.
If he is happy with the scripts coming his way, Emraan said,Very much. I think there are great scripts written right now and I have heard of.
On what next he is penning down, Emraan said, I think the next book will be probably on the industry, my experience with the industry. I always considered myself as an outsider, an ‘insider’ yet ‘outsider’. So my perspective will be very different from people who are deeply entrenched in this industry.
‘Why Cheat India’ is an upcoming comedy drama film written and directed by Soumik Sen.
It features Emraan Hashmi and Shreya Dhanwanthary in the lead roles. The film is scheduled to be released on January 18. (AGENCIES)


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