Who is the MD of JK Housing Board?


I t looks strange that any department run by the UT Government should function without its top officer – Director , MD and whatever the designation it carries. Since almost such departments where people have direct contact and have to visit such offices for various works , in the absence of a Head , many a problem are encountered by them. For over four months, Jammu and Kashmir Housing Board is without its top officer – The Managing Director following the superannuation of the previous incumbent and the resultant difficulties faced by citizens take the course of exploring means to have the urgency of filling the said vacant post reaching the higher echelons of the UT administration. In this connection, therefore, a delegation of the suffering public visited ‘Excelsior’ office to narrate their difficulties in getting transfer of ownership of allotted plots in their name and other related works but continuously for over four months, they have been told that “Sahib” is not yet posted and they shall have to wait. Till a final and permanent decision is taken by the Government which is time consuming as per the ”traditions” of the administration, it would be advisable to assign the duties and powers of the MD to the next senior officer in the Board. It may be noted that the prime duty and the purpose of the UT Administration should be to ensure an ordinary citizen did not suffer due to slow process of taking decisions, as the one under reference.