Way to clean India

Ashwani Sharma

You may have eaten street food several time in your life. What happens when you finish eating the food. You throw away the paper plate right where you stand. Some people search for a dustbin but when they don’t find it, they throw it again right where they stood. How many of them even think of rolling it up, putting it in their pocket/bag and bringing it home to throw in a proper dustbin? A few to none. Then you complain on the streets being littered. This is where we need to change our mindset, our way of looking at the streets as something of a responsibility of the government to clean. Start with yourself and be the change.
We lack dustbins, public toilets, clean areas in public. That is the truth. For such a large population we are quite far behind in these amenities. But surely when there are facilities people would be using them right? Nope. Not a chance.
Sulab sauchalaya (public toilet) will be right there, in front of you and all you need is to pay Rs.2 to piss but the guy will walk 10ft away and piss on its                    wall !!!
Why? Then you quietly zip up your pants and walk away hands in pocket whistling at the marvellous life you have and someone else gets to smell the sweet savoury smell of your piss. Don’t be a retard, use the facilities where it’s present.
Balant refusal to segregate household waste
When you live in an urban setting there are high chances you live in an apartment. Now apartments have this guy who picks up the waste from all homes and gets it ready for disposal when the waste van comes in. The problem is people do not separate the waste and a lot of apartments don’t follow this process.
If you mix plastic and non bio-degradable waste with organic waste then it becomes an additional headache on the city’s garage collection. Most of time they have to resort to manual labour who separate the waste by hand. Imagine the kind of literal shit they go through to do this. Please segregate your waste into organic and inorganic. It will hardly take a few minutes to get this done.
If your apartment doesn’t do it, raise their awareness and start using separate bins. Make them understand the problems that crop up later on. I am sure they will understand.
Don’t be a mute spectator
Someone throws an empty water bottle from a car in traffic on the road after being done with it. Don’t just “tut” “tut” in your mind. Pick up the bottle, tap the car glass and give him a piece of your mind. Take the bottle and throw it in a nearby dustbin when you find one. In short don’t encourage this kind of behaviour in anyone.


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