Water Treatment Plant at Sonamarg

The waste water treatment plant at a cost of Rs.3 crore was installed last year in Sonamarg Kashmir, one of the famous health resorts and a famed tourist destination but has not been made functional which looks quite strange .Unattended waste is getting piled up on daily basis outside the plant and is posing a grave threat to the ecology of the tourist destination especially the nearby Tajiwas glaciers. A wild sanctuary nearby too is vulnerable to the effects of this type of pollution.
What is the fun of expending huge public amount on installation of the treatment plant purported to run on modern scientific ways with a capacity to treat 5- metric tons of biodegradable and non- biodegradable waste per day but not put to use ? On the other hand, perhaps more delay and no immediate resolution of the host of problems related to this plant like road widening project issue etc could jeopardize the ecological equations especially looking to the expected increase in tourist footfall as also the fast approaching annual yatra to Shri Amarnath Shrine.