Water supply affected as pipe bursts in Dal Lake area

Excelsior Correspondent
SRINAGAR, Sept 4: Thousands of people have been severely affected due to bursting of water supply pipe in Mir Behri area of Dal Lake.
Residents of Mir Behri said that the pipe burst last evening as a result nearly sixty thousand souls are without drinking water. They said the pipe burst at a time when people were celebrating Eid-ul-Azha festival while dozens of wedding are scheduled to take place in next few days.
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A resident namely Zulfiqar Ali alleged that the water pipe was more than 250 years old and it had suffered damage to such an extent that after every week there was leakage or bursting of the pipe at several places. “When the pipe burst at the Kani Kachi Bridge, the flow of water was so high that it entered many houses and damaged property,” he said.
The locals said that Kani Kachi Bridge and the road which are already in dilapidated conditions were further damaged due to water leakage. “Luckily the power supply was off due to strong winds and in case of that there could have been huge loss of property and human life, as the HT line just goes over water pipe,” they said.
Another resident Sajad Ahmad said that locals have been forced to use and drink the infected water of Dal which could result in outbreak of epidemics if the urgent and permanent measures were not taken. “The permanent solution of the problem is to replace the pipe-line from Nishat water pump-station to Rainawari and should be laid down over-ground as under-ground line damages the road and it takes more time to repair any damage,” he added.


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